PR Products

The items featured on whatveewore may have been sent to me as PR product or bought with vouchers that I accept from brands. This will be disclosed in each individual blog post. It is my practice to only accept product or vouchers from brands that align with my personal style. I would never wear or promote something here that I didn’t like.


I utilise RewardStyle, an affiliate commission service to earn a percentage of commission on product sales, as do many bloggers in this industry. As a result, this site uses cookies. The affiliate links don’t cost you any more than it normally would to purchase an item – the difference is that a commission is paid by the retailer via the commission platform and is a small recognition from the retailer to the blogger for introducing buyers to product. Each blog post will declare the use of affiliate links within the integrated text or through shop widgets.


All opinions and reviews on whatveewore are my own and they are mentioned for informative, leisure and appraisal purposes only. whatveewore is where I add my voice to the mix and share how particular items work for me. Some of the items and products that work well for me may not work for you.

I will never be paid or incentivised to share a positive review of a product if I didn’t like it.


Everything on whatveewore has been created by me unless otherwise stated. Please do not use my photos or content without first asking for my permission. You can contact me via whatveewore@gmail.com

Where I can, I’ve added affiliate links, where you can support whatveewore.com by clicking through to featured items.
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