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Celine Trio Bag Review

celine trio bag review
Celine Trio styled with H&M dress (as top) (sold out – similar here and here); Nobody Denim jeans, Everlane flats and Ray Ban sunglasses

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Yet another black Celine bag that has a piece of my heart. And the little beauty I’m featuring today is one that has formed part of my collection for over five years, so I figured it was about time I shared a comprehensive review of my Celine Trio Bag. While it’s compact, it packs a lot of punch in terms of capacity, wearability and function. Good things really do come in small packages.

The majority of my handbag purchases have marked milestone events in my life or career. I treated myself to this bag after I landed a job at a firm I had my eye on for some time. Within my first few weeks in the job, I ordered the trio and it has been lovingly used since.

I have the small trio in smooth black lambskin. Given I purchased it in 2015, the bag I own hails from the Philo era, and there are some minor tweaks between my version and the current version which has been available since around 2018. I address those in this post.

So let’s get into it.

celine trio bag review



Aptly named, the bag features three zipped pouches that are attached together with snap buttons. There is an adjustable leather strap with a 20″ (51cm) drop and it can be worn both cross-body or on the shoulder.

The bag is made of lambskin and comes in a variety of colours. Over the years I have seen the bag featured in other seasonal materials but I’ve always been satisfied with the black lambskin version that I’ve owned that has formed part of their permanent collection.


While Celine sizing with some of their other bags can be a little confusing (such as the belt bag which I discuss here), the trio comes in two straightforward sizes – small (the original size) and large.

Current dimensions and prices are below:


22cm x 15cm x 4cm | 9” x 6” x 2”

Handle with 20” (51cm) drop
Gold metal hardware

$1,550 AUD | $1,250 USD | £790 GBP


25cm x 18cm x 4cm | 10” x 7” x 2”

Handle with 20” (51cm) drop
Gold metal hardware

$1,750 AUD | $1,400 USD | £890 GBP

Prices current as at May 2020.

Key differences between the old and current version

Starting with the obvious, the current trio adopts the new Celine logo (without the É).

As to the design elements, the former trio featured leather pull tabs on the zips whereas the current version has replaced these with gold hardware zips – making the gold accents more of a feature.

Wear & tear

This bag is my go-to for when I’m keeping things comfortable and casual, hence getting the most use on weekends and when travelling. The three compartments make the bag functional and easy to use. I split my belongings across the three pouches and while I don’t have a set system as to how I pack my bag, I typically use the front pouch for my cardholder and phone, the middle pouch for my keys, headphones and a small foldable shopping bag (in case I’m picking up groceries while out and about), and the back pouch for is usually for bits and bobs such as make up, tissues and wet wipes (which always come in handy when out with little ones).

The bag is lightweight and the leather strap is comfortable to wear cross-body – it doesn’t dig into my shoulder. I’ve used this bag on several overseas holidays and it has been great. It even comfortably fits a travel guide! (Though of course not the extremely large chunky continental guides!)

Over the years, the leather has softened and the logo has slightly faded, but all these traits only make me love the bag more. The bag is quite sentimental to me now and given all the places it’s been, I would not part ways with it. If, for some reason, something were to happen to it, I would replace it in a heartbeat.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about the quality of the bag, the most common criticism about the shoulder strap and people having issues with it snapping off. While I do find the strap to be thin, I don’t find it to be weak and haven’t had any concerns with the strap breaking, even with regular use.

Since being at home in recent months, my trio has featured a lot more on my Instagram feed as it’s the bag I’ve been wearing when going on our morning (social distancing) walks. I’ve featured some of these outfits below:

Shop the Small Trio

I hope my Celine Trio Bag review was helpful to any of you interested in the bag. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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Four Outfits for Any Type of Work From Home Day

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I can vouch for the fact that working from home presents its own style challenges.  Before the pandemic, I had a set day each week where I worked from home. And often there were weeks where I needed to increase my remote working days to care for my sick kids that needed to be kept home from daycare.   

Personally, it took me a while to strike the right balance between comfort and function when getting dressed for the day.  While I was at home, I still wanted to feel motivated to tackle my work.   

Social media posts are rife with working from home tips – the most common of these being to get dressed for the day.  It’s valid advice – studies show that what you wear can influence your mindset.  

The style inspiration going round is varied – some people have chosen to maintain their usual work standard and are still donning their power dresses and glamorous make up. Then there are those who have really relaxed their attire and opt to stay in sweat pants all day (I know I’ve taken advantage!).  

While I admit to getting through some WFH days in trackies – typically because I’ve been up a few times the night before tending to unsettled kids – on a well-rested day, I sit somewhere in the middle.

Here’s how I pitch my outfits for these common WFH scenarios:

WFH Scenario #1 – When your day is packed with video conferences

work from home outfits
Reiss blazer, Everlane linen tee, Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci belt, Everlane flats*, Celine bag and Ray Ban sunglasses

My usual combo for these often busy days is to mullet dress – business on top, comfy down the bottom. For me, I typically rely on the failsafe blazer + jeans combo. I’ve made a lot of use out of this linen oatmeal blazer since being at home which I initially purchased to lift my Casual Friday game. And while I appreciate jeans is a bit of effort for some, personally it gives me that extra boost of confidence which I’m not going to pass up if I need to bring my A-Game. (Though it isn’t uncommon for me to change into track pants by the late afternoon!)


WFH Scenario #2 – When you’ve got an insane amount of work to get through

work from home outfits
Volange Paris knit*, Scanlan Theodore belt (sold out, similar here), Uniqlo knit, H&M pants (sold out, similar here), Everlane flats*, Celine bag

On the days where there’s a s##tload of work to get done, my work from home outfits become a balancing act between comfort and function. I typically opt for my favourite knitwear pieces as they’re cosy and soft but still make me feel put together.

I’ve rounded up my go-to WFH knitwear favourites below.


WFH Scenario #3 – When you’ve got no meetings (hurrah!) but you need to be productive

The Frankie Shop tee (similar here), Mango pants, Birkenstock sandals

On the days where there are no video conferences, I go down the more comfortable route and opt for elevated basics – like this tee I’m wearing. It’s these little tweaks that add variety to my WFH outfits, which I’m all about as it gets a little ho-hum staying home all the time.

I’ve talked about this style of t-shirt previously and I’m surprised how much I love it. It’s technically a trend piece but I think it strikes the right balance at being both minimal and functional.


WFH Scenario #4 – When you’re lacking the motivation

Reiss dress, Everlane flats*, Celine bag

I’ve had my fair share of these days, surprisingly more than anticipated. So on days when I feel like just laying in bed and not making the long commute to my dedicated work space in the lounge room, I turn to the pieces that make me feel good. Take this knit dress for example. I’ve featured it previously here and here and love wearing it to the office. It’s simple, cosy but with its sophisticated cut, it gives me the confidence boost I need when I’m feeling a little lacklustre.


I hope I served up some inspiration for your work from home outfits.

Stay safe and healthy wherever you are.

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The Big Wardrobe Cull – A Step-by-Step Guide to a Closet Clear Out

While I’m well aware it’s Autumn here, I’ve been Spring cleaning like a sprightly spring chicken (haven’t we all?!) and my wardrobe has been amongst the many things around the house I’ve been tackling.

I should preface this post by saying that I’m not qualified to write a life-changing piece about tidying up. Inside my bags, you’ll find old receipts and random loyalty cards. Look inside my shoes and you’ll find pieces of Lego (I blame my one-year-old) and my drawer of smalls has probably seen more organised times.

However, since we’ve been stationed at home in recent months, I’ve taken the opportunity to further curate my closet. There is something very rewarding looking into my wardrobe and knowing the pieces in there will get the love and attention they deserve.

Giving my wardrobe a bit of a makeover has been so therapeutic and I wanted to share with you the rules I’ve applied to achieve a more curated closet.

The big wardrobe cull

#1 – Set aside pieces you no longer wear

…whether it be due to the fact that the pieces no longer fit you anymore, are damaged beyond repair or are no longer suited to your style.

In doing a big purge, I took the opportunity to get rid of all the pieces I had been keeping for when my body would return to its pre-pregnancy weight. Instead of providing me with the motivation to lose the extra kilos, it only made me self-conscious about the squishy bits I had acquired – so sayonara.

#2 – Adopt the 12 month rule

Go through the rest of your wardrobe and pull out the pieces that you haven’t worn for 12 months. Chances are if you haven’t worn it in a year, you most likely won’t be wearing it again. Of course there are exceptions to this rule including occasion wear or if you’ve been on maternity leave and haven’t been able to fit into your wardrobe for the majority of the year.

I’ve heard of others adopting a more ruthless approach and culling pieces they haven’t worn in a 3 month period. Personally, I find that too short a time frame to be an indicator of whether I’ll wear an item of clothing again. Plus, the change in seasons means that I naturally won’t be reaching for pieces that are limited to a particular season. Either way, you can tweak this time frame based on your lifestyle.

#3 – Eliminate double-ups and similar items

If you own several white t-shirts or several pairs of jeans, you’re probably only choosing to wear your favourite ones or the ones you purchased most recently. Assess whether you need to keep the rest and if not, set it aside.

Recycle your wardrobe

Determine whether you will sell, donate or discard the pieces you’ve set aside. Here are my general rules:


…all the pieces that are beyond repair or the pieces that you think won’t serve anyone else.

Retailers like H&M and Zara have garment collection programs for clothing and textiles that are subsequently reused or recycled.


Professional attire makes up a large chunk of my wardrobe. So for the gently-used workwear pieces that I choose to donate, I’ll drop them into Dress for Success – a not-for-profit organisation that provides clothing and styling advice for women seeking to re-enter the workforce after a period of unemployment. They’re currently closed due to the pandemic but will accept donations again once it’s safe to do so.

For general clothing, including clothing outgrown by my sons, I’ll pop it into clothing bins in our local area. We have a few around facilitated by The Smith Family, Vinnies and The Red Cross to name a few.


Sometimes pieces are too good to donate. This could be due to the fact that the piece still looks new or is a designer item that will most likely be appreciated by someone also a fan of that designer.

I’ve bought and sold pieces in my wardrobe for many years. My current selling platform of choice is Depop. It’s quick and easy to list and the app is very straightforward to use. For many years, I used and had a lot of success with eBay, but in the last couple of years, I haven’t found it to be the most seller-friendly platform.

wardrobe cull and closet clear out tips

Organise your wardrobe

The remaining pieces of your wardrobe should be stored neatly and sorted into categories. My husband and I share a built-in wardrobe so I have a allocated tall section where I store my coats and long dresses and a shorter section where my skirts, pants, tops and jackets are stored. My knitwear is folded in separate drawers.

If you can, buy new hangers and keep things uniform. I like using flocked hangers (I’ve got these ones from Kmart). They don’t take up as much room as wooden hangers and my delicate silk pieces don’t slip off.

I hope I’ve inspired you to do a wardrobe cull. I’m aiming to maintain a succinct wardrobe and will be repeating these steps every few months so that the clear out process doesn’t get too big on me!

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Autumn Outfit: Trench Coat and Nude Flats

Wearing Uniqlo trench coat (sold out – similar here, here and here), Nobody Denim Jeans, Marks & Spencer top* (sold out – similar here and here), Everlane flats*, Celine bag

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Working from home for an extended period of time presents unique sartorial challenges. Outfits need to balance comfort and function in equal parts and make us feel ready to tackle the day. Never have video calls been such an integral part of my work day. And while the old saying goes ‘business at the front, party at the back’, I’ve noticed many putting a modern spin on this old adage to our new WFH/videoconferencing life by mullet dressing – ‘business on top, casual down the bottom’.

Keeping sartorial standards high (even if it is with just an elevated top like this navy Marks & Spencer one I’m wearing here) will no doubt inspire you to be at your most productive and boost your morale.

uniqlo trench coat in autumn outfit
Wearing Uniqlo trench coat (sold out – similar here, here and here), Nobody Denim Jeans, Marks & Spencer top (sold out – similar here and here), Everlane flats, Celine bag

I received these Everlane flats at the end of February and they are amazingly comfortable. They’ve been great for our morning walks and the taupe colour goes with everything. I shared my initial thoughts in my review on the shoes here, but since posting my review, they have softened with wear and become even more comfortable.

uniqlo trench coat in autumn outfit
Wearing Uniqlo trench coat (sold out – similar here, here and here), Nobody Denim Jeans, Marks & Spencer top* (sold out – similar here and here), Everlane flats*, Celine bag

And as for this Uniqlo trench coat, I picked it up during a promotion earlier in January and it was a steal at $109.90 reduced from $129.90. It has since sold out but I’ve linked some similar options in this post. While a Burberry trench has been on my wishlist for the longest time, it gets pushed further and further down my list given the exorbitant price tag. I don’t really see myself biting the bullet any time soon given there are so many high quality affordable options available (like this one, or this one or this one).

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you’re all staying well and positive x

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The Curated Modern Coat Review

Wearing The Curated coat* styled with Nobody Denim Jeans, Everlane boots, Acne Studios Scarf, Celine bag

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What better for a curated life than a curated coat. My coat is from The Curated, a sustainable luxury label, founded by Nicola Harlem. I’ve had this coat for over two months and I’ve never received so many DMs about an item of clothing since sharing a few photos of me wearing it during recent morning walks. It is the coat that I’ve been mostly reaching for now that the temperature has dropped here in Sydney so I thought it would be worthwhile to share my thoughts now that I’ve had a chance to wear it a bit.

Sustainable production is at the core of the business with the brand’s clothing items made from leftover fabric remnants. It means quantities are limited and that their pieces almost always sell out. The considered approach to production also proves more ethical in that it encourages consumers to invest in quality staples they can enjoy for many years, rather than opting for cheaper, lower-quality items that have a shorter lifespan.

Aside from being sustainable and female-founded, The Curated is refreshingly transparent with its pricing. There’s a lot of information about the concept behind the brand on their website, including about pricing, where Nicola discloses the components that go into the mark-up of her coats which, in turn, provides insight into the high price tags of designer goods.

Apart from coats, which is what put the label on the radar for me, The Curated also produces a considered collection of silk basics, leather bags and cashmere scarves.

I’ve got the Modern Coat in Khaki Melange in a size XS. The khaki melange is a lighter hue that can be best described as a warmer version of their creamy bone colour that features in their classic and tailored coat styles. The coat is comprised of an organic double-faced cashmere wool blend (70% merino wool, 30% cashmere). It retails for $625 AUD ($375 USD) – a steal for a cashmere coat in my opinion. It also comes in lush camel colour.

In this post, I address the most common questions I’ve been fielding, including sizing, quality and how I’ve styled my coat.

Wearing The Curated coat* styled with Nobody Denim Jeans, Everlane boots, Acne Studios Scarf, Celine bag


The coat is a collarless style, features two side pockets and has no buttons or closures. The sleeves of the coat are a more relaxed fit, making for easy layering during the colder months.

It can be worn either open or belted and comes with a matching belt as well as two swatches of fabric so you have the option of sewing on belt loops if you’re so inclined. Personally, I don’t think belt loops are necessary for wearing the coat belted, but I have kept the swatches in a safe place just in case I do change my mind.

When worn open, it looks like a chic and effortless duster coat. When belted, it creates a clean and sophisticated silhouette. I’ve had my eye on The Curated coats for a while and I was tossing up between this coat and the Tailored Coat but I ultimately settled for the Modern Coat as for me – it oozes sophistication with its clean design.

Sizing & fit

Sizing, by far, is the most common query I’ve received. Personally, I was tossing up between the XS and the S but I settled on the XS as the coat is modelled on someone who is taller than I am on the store page (she’s 168cm tall and wearing a small).

Unlike the Classic Coat, which is a more relaxed cut, the Modern Coat is cut to a more fitted silhouette and I didn’t want to risk it looking oversized on my petite frame in going for a size S. I’m glad I went with the XS – I’m 5’2″ and I typically wear a size AU 8 in clothing. The coat sits well across my shoulders and is a great length. If anything, the arms are still a tad long, probably by around 2 to 3 cm. It’s not a huge issue for me and it would be no big drama to get my tailor to take it up slightly.

If you’re still on the fence about sizing, you should get in touch with their customer service team or DM their Instagram page. Nicola and her team are very responsive and helpful.

styling the modern coat by the curated coat review
Wearing The Curated coat* styled with Nobody Denim Jeans, Everlane boots, Acne Studios Scarf, Celine bag


I’ve managed to wear the coat to the office a couple of times but since the lockdown measures were implemented, I’ve been wearing this coat on chillier days during our morning walks. While I envisaged a more dressier/corporate catalogue of looks by this stage, I’ve really enjoyed styling it in more relaxed casual ensembles as you would have seen on my Instagram feed lately, some of which I’ve included below.

The coat is amazingly versatile and can be styled both for work and when off-duty. Its versatility is what ultimately swayed me into choosing this style. During normal programming, I spend more days in corporate wear than I do casual so it was important to me for the coat to be able to work for both areas of my wardrobe.

styling the modern coat by the curated coat review
styling the modern coat by the curated coat review

Top Left: Coat* styled with Everlane mock neck knit*, Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci belt, Everlane boots Top Centre: Coat* styled with Uniqlo knit, Scanlan Theodore skirt, Tony Bianco mules, Celine bag (see my full review here) Top Right: Coat* styled with Acne Studios scarf, Nobody Denim jeans, Everlane boots, Celine bag, Ray Ban sunglasses

Bottom Left: Coat* styled with H&M linen tee, Nobody Denim jeans, Everlane flats, Acne Studios scarf, Celine bag, Ray Ban sunglasses Bottom Centre: Coat* styled with Everlane mock neck knit*, Nobody Denim Jeans, Everlane boots, Acne Studios Scarf, Celine bag Bottom Right: Coat* styled with Tony Bianco mules, Celine bag

The verdict

The quality of the coat is unlike anything I’ve ever owned. It’s lightweight and luxuriously soft, thanks to the higher proportion of cashmere in the fabric (most brands go for a 90/10 mix in their cashmere coats).

It is perfectly suited to a Sydney winter. Our winters are mild (average highs of between 8-15°C / 46-59°F) and the coat provides ample room to layer a chunky knit underneath for the winter season. While it’s currently Autumn here (with temps of around 12°C / 53°F during our morning walks), I’ve been getting some good use out of it so far. At the moment, I’ve only got one layer on underneath and the coat is keeping me nice and toasty.

While $625 AUD isn’t a sum of money to take lightly, I do think it is great value for anyone in the market for a quality cashmere coat. The Modern Coat is very similar to the collarless coats released by Loewe and The Row – both of which retail for 5-10 times the price of The Curated’s version. If you do decide to invest in one of their coats, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a considered purchase with a piece that will serve you for many years.

Thanks again to The Curated for sending me this coat. For full disclosure I did select and receive the Modern Coat as PR product from the brand, however I was under no obligation to post it or share a review. All thoughts are my own.

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WFH: The 5 Things I Never Wear

Wearing H&M coat (not available online – similar here), H&M knit (old season – similar here and here), Gucci belt, Mango pants, Everlane flats*, Celine bag

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It’s been almost two months living in this alternate reality and from what I can glean when scrolling through my Instagram feed, I feel like we’re all adapting and learning that the clothes we wear need to strike a very specific balance. A WFH outfit can’t be too comfortable and it can’t be too structured either.

Last week, I shared with you the clothing pieces that I’ve enjoyed wearing while reporting for duty from home. Keep scrolling to see the five things I never wear when I work from home.

#1 – Shoulder bags

My bag collection has taken an indefinite leave of absence now that we’re staying home. I store my bags on open shelving and don’t keep them in their dust bags either so I recently gave them a bit of a dusting and clean to make sure they’re in top nick for when I get to use them again. For daily walks, I’ve been using my Celine Trio – my trusty crossbody bag that I’ve had for over 5 years. Going hands-free means I can push the stroller and hold onto my toddler’s hand with easy access to the essentials – keys, phone, wallet, wet wipes.

#2 – Stiletto heels

This is a given since I haven’t been in the office for over 7 weeks. My 9-to-5 footwear is now a rotation of flats, ankle boots and sneakers.

Granted, these ankle boots I’ve been wearing give me a bit of height but they have a block heel which make them comfortable to wear on our walks.

#3 – Skirts

While there are lots of comfortable options out there, our kids are home with us and there’s a lot of rolling around on the floor with them (and fishing for Duplo blocks/train tracks under the couch). As such, skirts don’t really cut it for that dual purpose of WFH/parenting-on-the-floor…

WFH outfit, autumn street style
Wearing H&M coat (not available online – similar here), H&M knit (old season – similar here and here), Gucci belt, Mango pants, Everlane flats*, Celine bag

#4 – Power dresses

In line with keeping things relaxed at home, my structured dresses haven’t seen the light of day for a while. On the days that I do opt to wear a dress as a bit of a pick-me-up, I’ll pop this knit dress on, which is no consolation since I love it.

My structured power dresses are all carefully tucked away and ready whip out once it’s safe to resume normal programming. 

#5 – Tailored trousers / suit pants

I’m typically in relaxed fit pants (like these ones I’m wearing in the photo) or jeans (which to some is still a bit too much effort) will feature regularly in my WFH outfit. I feel really put together in jeans and I’m not really a leggings or activewear person.

In terms of my matching structured jackets, they still get some use for particular video conferences though dress codes are relaxed for internal meetings given everyone’s in the same boat.

WFH outfit, autumn street style
Wearing H&M coat (not available online – similar here), H&M knit (old season – similar here and here), Gucci belt, Mango pants, Everlane flats*, Celine bag

What are some wardrobe items that haven’t been featured in your WFH outfits?

I hope you’re staying healthy and well.

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