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Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag Review

Woman in navy suit carrying Prada Saffiano Double tote

Today I’m reviewing another one of my classic bags that I use for work – my Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag.  I’ve had this bag for over 5 years and used it heavily when I first bought it.  My bag collection has grown over the years and I haven’t been reaching for my Double Bag as much as I should.  That being said, it’s not a reflection of how much I really do love this bag and enjoy using it.

The Double Bag was introduced by Prada in 2014 and now forms part of its permanent collection.  It’s not hard to understand why – it’s a beautiful, classic design and is a great alternative to Prada’s Galleria (which has been and still remains hugely popular).

The bag comprises of two main compartments separated by a centre internal flap pocket with a magnetic closure. There is a double leather handle and if you get one of the smaller sizes, it comes with a detachable (and adjustable) leather shoulder strap.  The bag pulls in on its sides, where there are also snap closures to lock it in shape if you’re so inclined. Prada’s signature inverted triangle logo features front and centre.  The metal lettering is luxe as is the nappa leather lining which is beautifully soft.  The cherry on top of the cake is the hanging buckled ID tag – it’s a cute little accessory (but it doesn’t have any functional purpose for me).

When I initially sought to buy a Prada bag, I had my eye on the classic Galleria.  By chance, I visited the boutique when the Double Bag was just released and I didn’t look back.  I personally love how the Double Bag is more relaxed in its shape in comparison to the Galleria – its boxier older sibling.

Woman in navy suit carrying Prada Saffiano Double tote



The bag comes in three sizes: small, medium and large – straightforward names! (Not always the case – see here :p)

Unsurprisingly, the prices have increased quite significantly over the years, which is testament to how popular and successful the bag has been for Prada.

Current dimensions and prices are below:


23cm (H) x 13cm (L) x 31cm (W) | 10″ (H) x 5.75″ (L) x 13.25″ (W)

Handle with 5” (13cm) drop
22″ (56cm) adjustable and removable shoulder strap
4 protective studs on base

$3,580 AUD | $2,590 USD | £1,840 GBP


25cm (H) x 14.5cm (L) x 33cm (W) | 10″ (H) x 6.8″ (L) x 13.5″ (W)

Handle with 5.5” (14cm) drop
22.5″ (57cm) adjustable and removable shoulder strap
4 protective studs on base

$4,020 AUD | $2,850 USD | £2,070 GBP


27cm (H) x 17.5cm (L) x 35.5cm (W) | 11″ (H) x 7″ (L) x 14″ (W)

Handle with 5.5” (13cm) drop
Does not come with shoulder strap
4 protective studs on base

$4,230 AUD | $2,990 USD

Prices current as at December 2019.

Woman in navy suit carrying Prada Saffiano Double tote

Wear and tear

The bag is made of Saffiano leather.  If you’re familiar with it, you’ll know how amazingly hardwearing and durable the stuff is.  For those of you unfamiliar with Saffiano leather, it’s a treated leather that’s made with a diagonal cross-hatch texture pressed onto it.  It’s typically made of calf skin and treated with wax which acts as a protective coating.  Not that I would let him do it, but I feel like my two year old could have his way with it and the Saffiano would still come up looking pristine.  I think you get the point that I’m making here – it’s virtually indestructible.

That said, I still put in a little bit of effort to care for my bag. It was a pricey purchase at the end of the day. If it’s a bit dirty or if the kids have had their sticky fingers all over it – a wet wipe is all you need to clean it. When not in use, it sits on my shelf with the bag stuffing inside so it retains its shape.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a trashed version of this bag around – probably because one doesn’t exist.  I’ve had mine for years and it still looks pristine.

In terms of day-to-day wear, I only really rely on the top handles to carry my bag.  While I love the adjustable shoulder strap (and the fact that the large bag didn’t come with one ruled out my going for that size), I don’t really use it.  I just casually drape it across the bag. For reference, I have the medium sized version.

The internal middle compartment is handy and I use it to store my earbuds and my security passes for work so I’m not rummaging through the main compartments when I’m reaching for those.

The bag is sturdy and fits a lot.  But it’s important to keep in mind that it can get quite heavy if you fill it to capacity.  I only carry what I need with me to the office so I have no complaints about the weight.

Woman in navy suit carrying Prada Saffiano Double tote


Where to buy

As for bricks and mortar shops in Australia – Prada boutiques as well as David Jones concessions have a solid range of sizes and colours.

In terms of online boutiques – Farfetch, Selfridges, My Theresa, Nordstrom, Net-A-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

It’s available on the pre-loved market but I would recommend you use reputable websites where they authenticate, such as Vestiaire Collective.

What fits inside

A lot! But as I said earlier, it can get weighty if you fill it to capacity.

I filmed a short video on my IGTV taking you through what I pack in my bag for the office.  Head over to my Instagram to check that out.

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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Gift Guide for Kids

In my last post of my festive gift guide series, I cap it off with my guide to what to buy for all the special kids in your world. Christmas is already my favourite holiday, but it really is taken up a notch when you experience Christmas with little ones.

Since starting school, the older two boys have written letters to Santa with their Christmas wish lists (and in later years, some questions to him about the logistics of gift delivery!). On Christmas Eve, they leave a plate of biscuits and a glass of milk out for him under the tree. After tucking them into bed, some of those biscuits seem to disappear as my husband ‘reviews’ Santa’s replies for the boys to read on Christmas morning.

As the older two have developed a healthy skepticism, it’s somewhat bittersweet to see them asking searching questions whilst also seeing that they really want the magic of Christmas to be kept alive. I want to let them know that the magic never goes away, it just changes. But, that might be something we all have to learn for ourselves, in our own way.

This Christmas will probably be the first time our two year old will really comprehend what is happening. He was quite happy to sit with Santa at his daycare Christmas party this week, so I have high hopes of getting a great Christmas snap of all the family with the big man in red.

When it comes to gifts, we always have so much fun buying for kids and I get so much joy watching ours unwrap their gifts on Christmas Day. My four boys are aged 10, 7, 2 and 10 months – so my guide is more tailored to those age groups.

For this gift guide, I’ve been heavily inspired by items that I’ve given to the boys or that we Santa 😉 will be giving to them this year. I hope that some of these gift ideas will give you some inspiration.

Imaginative play-time

It is so sweet seeing our kids play altogether. The older two boys have been role-playing quite a bit with our toddler in playing shops and supermarkets. They pretend to be the customers while our two year old fetches all the groceries for them. The wooden food sets have been getting a bit of a work out as a result and the Melissa & Doug ones would make a great gift.

Play-Doh has also been quite popular in our house. The older boys are quite skilled creating really involved sea monsters and scary looking creatures whereas our two year old is still in the pizza base making stage! Clean up isn’t too bad either – you just have to remind them to put the lids on properly so they don’t dry out!

For the budding muso

We’re constantly playing music in our house and our two year old has shown a real interest in it. He’s obsessed with The Wiggles and not a day goes by that he hasn’t picked up his toy guitar to pretend to strum along to the music. It’s also hard to get him out of his Lachy Wiggle costume!

We’ve had this toy piano in the house for years and it’s the cutest thing! I highly recommend Schoenhut toy pianos as gifts.

To continue to foster his interests, we’re going to get our two year old a 1/4 size guitar to see how it goes with it. We’ve got lots of toy instruments at home and while they are a bit annoying on the noise front, the children really do love playing with them and love receiving them as gifts.

Things that go

Something happened to our boys when they each reached the age of two because they just became absolutely obsessed with trains. In a house full of boys, we have quite an impressive collection of wooden train tracks that we’ve been accumulating since our eldest was a toddler.

The primary train-obsessor at the moment is our two year old. He squeals whenever we walk past the train station and on weekends, we’ll hop on a train, just for a couple of stops, and then head back home, just because he’s absolutely bonkers for them.

Conveniently, the train sets from Ikea, Brio and the wooden Thomas & Friends sets are all compatible. For the really young ones, a large ‘My First Thomas‘ makes a great gift.

Construction and building

You really can’t go wrong with Lego. Our older two boys have enjoyed the specialty Ninjago and Harry Potter sets but they’re now loving anything Star Wars related (and have their eyes on epic builds like this Imperial TIE fighter or Droid ship or AT-AP Walker). Personally, I love the classic sets, without the complicated instructions where you can just build whatever.

Our seven year old is really interested in robotics and model building so we’re going to give him a Meccano set this Christmas.

Build their library

We don’t scrimp on books in our household. We’ve got a few bookcases and our dedicated kids library is overflowing having reached capacity a while ago! My husband and I love to read so naturally, we love it when our boys receive books and always encourage it if it’s suggested by our friends or family.

At a really young age, our kids enjoyed the “That’s not my…” series does the trick, Mem Fox’s “Where Is The Green Sheep?” and the textured books where they touch and feel. During the toddler years, we thoroughly enjoy reading Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books to them. They are wonderfully written and the boys have all enjoyed the subsequent short movies that have been produced (our favourite being Room on the Broom).

For the older school age boys, who now mostly read to themselves, they really enjoy the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style novels, Anh Do’s “WeirDo” series and David Walliams books. Our seven year old also enjoys the Usborne ‘Lift the Flap’ style books which provide an interactive way for kids to discover the answers on a variety of topics.

My favourite author as a child was Roald Dahl but my boys haven’t really taken to his books, which I think may be a sign of my age!

And that’s a wrap for my 2019 festive gift guide series! If you made it this far and read all my other gift guides, thank you so much! I would love to hear whether my suggestions inspired any gifts that you have purchased for your loved ones.

Thanks for stopping by! xx


Gift Guide for the Office Kris Kringle

I used to overthink Christmas gifting around the office (particularly because the gift exchange used to be firm-wide in the boardroom!) but I now stick to my usual pool of gifts that I think work well for when you may not be familiar with the personal taste of the person you’re buying for.

Here are my ideas for the often-dreaded Office Kris Kringle:

Re-usable coffee cup

Inexpensive, useful and good for the environment. Winning.

Specialty tea

Sticking with the same hot beverage theme, specialty teas make great presents for co-workers. I typically stick to Twinnings or Lipton when I’m in the office (as do most of my colleagues) so I’m always chuffed to receive something a bit more luxurious to elevate my morning and afternoon tea ritual. I particularly love French Earl Grey by T2 and Pukka’s Relax tea.

Keep their drinks ice cold

…and on the other end of the beverage spectrum, this wine chiller stick does a great job of keeping your wine nice and cold as well as these ice moulds that create fun ball-shaped ice to pop into a glass of some liquid courage.

Bluetooth speaker

There are so many of these on the market and depending on how well you know the person you’re buying for, you can go down the sleek and functional route with this Bose speaker or the fun and frivolous one with this iBasics cube speaker!

Some greenery on their desk

Inject some life into your colleague’s workspace by way of a plant! I’m notoriously bad at keeping plants alive… we’re relying on artificial ones to inject some green into our home – but I have managed to keep mini cacti and succulents plants alive at work because they’re particularly low maintenance and bounce back after a missed watering… or five.

Some kitschy stationary

…and on the same theme of desk-brightening – kitschy stationary makes a great gift and a way to show your sense of fun.

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I’ll be posting more gift guides here in the coming days.

Thanks for stopping by!


Gift Guide for Her

In my second post of my gift guide series, I’ve curated gifts for the special women in your life. I find some of the best gifts I’ve received are either ones with a personal touch or ones that are a bit luxurious that I normally wouldn’t buy myself.

For this gift guide, I have been heavily inspired by items that I already own myself or that I will be giving to loved ones. I hope that some of these gift ideas will give you some inspiration.

Luxury stationary to lift her game

In the digital age that we live in, we have to work a bit harder to get our hands on quality stationary – but the effort is always worth it. My picks are:

An experience

Material gifts are always fun so fun to unwrap, but these days, I’m all for an experience. Nowadays, you can easily go beyond the more traditional ‘dinner-and-a-movie’ gift voucher (though I certainly wouldn’t say no to that!) – there are classes, lectures and subscriptions to suit anyone’s interests — the music lover, the home cook and fitness fanatic.

With kids in the picture, quality time with my husband is limited and I will take every opportunity to spend time with him without the kids. It’s certainly an area that my husband and I plan to invest a lot more (over material gifts) for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas in the years to come.

A cosy cashmere scarf

Cashmere is timeless and never goes out of season. It’s one of those fabrics that is always a little bit on the pricey end which makes it a joy to give to someone special who normally wouldn’t splurge on themselves. You can’t go past the classic cashmere scarfs by Burberry and Acne Studios. For an affordable alternative, you can’t go past Uniqlo’s cashmere scarf range.

Some extra height

…in the form of heels comfortable to wear all day. You can’t go wrong with block heels, kitten heels or mules. I’ve featured some of my favourites (and ones on my wishlist!) from Everlane and Tony Bianco below.

A thin brown leather belt

…to cinch in a jacket (see here), wear with jeans, cinch in a dress or jumpsuit (see here). The possibilities are endless! I particularly love the Madewell Crisscross Belt, Rag & Bone Jet Belt and the Frame Petit Oval Belt.

A book she can’t put down

Pampering skincare

During this time of year, I struggle to avoid purchasing any festive beauty gift sets for me – they are always so enticing with their packaging and minis! For any family members who may be struggling to buy for me, I will always ask for skincare. I personally use Go-To, Lancome and Drunk Elephant as part of my daily skincare routine and will normally steer them in that general direction!

A tote bag to carry it all

I’ve only recently joined the tote party in the last few months (with my much-loved Tory Burch tote) and now I strongly feel that every woman should have a trusted tote bag to carry all the things and tackle any commute with style.

A framed photo of a special moment

I really love receiving framed photos from my husband, particularly ones of us with the kids. They are always so special. Even though our place is looking a bit cluttered at the moment, I don’t think you can ever have too many photo frames.

Rattan is having a bit of a moment for me so I’m loving these ones on offer from Country Road and Zara Home.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my gift guide for men.

I’ll be publishing more gift guides here over the coming days.

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Gift Guide for Him

No matter their interests and hobbies, men are generally very difficult to buy for! Whether you’re shopping for your husband, partner, father, brother or friend, these gifts will hopefully show how much you appreciate and think of them.

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have really been taken up a notch in recent times. I bought these Jabra ones for my husband and he wears them every time he goes to the gym.

An all-access subscription to Masterclass

Masterclass is an online educational platform with access to lectures and tutorials taught by the best – think Col Chris Hadfield teaching space exploration, Massimo Bottura teaching Italian cooking, Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting or Dr Jane Goodall teaching conservation. I gave my husband an all-access subscription for Christmas last year and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed the courses we’ve taken together.

An instant read cooking thermometer

My husband is amazing in the kitchen. He has all the gadgets and does a lot of research before making any gadgety purchase. One of the best things he bought is this nifty instant-read cooking thermometer by Lavatools.

It has completely taken the guesswork out of cooking by giving us internal temperature readings of roasts, steak and fish – we even use it to check the internal temperatures of pies and pastries. You can shop the thermometer here (AU link) or here (International link).

Cashmere sweater

Soft to the touch, lightweight, cosy and functional. My husband and I have given each other a lot of cashmere jumpers over the years and our parents have been the lucky recipients of cashmere as a result of our love for it!

I love these navy crew and grey v-neck styles from Everlane.

The forever boots

I’m thinking in particular of R.M. Williams boots that are incredibly versatile and look great when worn. I bought my husband a brown pair for our wedding anniversary (for the traditional ‘leather’ gift) and he has worn his to work, weddings, fancy and casual date nights.

Monocle magazine subscription

Monocle’s international affairs and lifestyle magazine is one of the most sophisticated publications going round. It’s dense and makes for great reading. The lucky man in your life will really appreciate the top notch reading material.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check my other gift guides that I’ll be posting here.


The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2019

festive gift guide banner

It’s officially Christmas month! Hooray!

Today, I’m kicking off my festive gift guide series.

My first post — for men — is now up! Over the next few days, I’ll update this post with more links, as I publish more guides.

I’ve curated the lists to suit a mix of budgets and personality types which I hope will be helpful.

Gift guide for Him
Gift guide for Her
Gift guide for the Office Kris Kringle
Gift guide for Kids

Hope you enjoy them!


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