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How To Beat Procrastination

How do you beat procrastination?

When it comes to procrastinating, I used to be up there with the best of them. If ever there was a task that I wasn’t confident with or a bit scared of, I would struggle to even start – often always completing it in a mad rush at the last minute.  My procrastination skills were at their peak during my university days but I reined it in somewhat when I started working full time.  I still slip up now and again, more often than I’d like, and I very often beat myself up when my day doesn’t go to plan.

My aim for each day is to be productive and being productive and procrastinating do not go hand in hand! In this post, I share with you the ways I combat procrastination when it rears its ugly head.

Address the problem

I remember feeling overwhelmed at university, particularly with heavily weighted hand-in assessments or essays, and feeling like the task was too enormous and difficult that I couldn’t see a clear way as to where to even begin. Similarly during my grad year at work, I used to get overwhelmed when I was asked to write chunky legal advices and I wouldn’t know where to start researching in the first place.  If I was scared of doing the work, I would almost always put it off.

For me, I quickly learned that I needed to take a step back and see the bigger picture, rather than get overly stressed for not knowing the answer straight away. In breaking down a large task into smaller chunks, the feelings of being overwhelmed would almost always disappear.

Addressing the reasons why you procrastinate in the first place may help to overcome any fears you have in getting started.

Make a (realistic) checklist

I get a lot of satisfaction when I cross things off a list. So I always start my day with a handwritten list of things I want to get done and I break down each of those tasks so they are easily achievable.

The list also serves as a visual aid for me to track my progress throughout the day. I love looking back at my lists in the late afternoon and seeing all the little ticks next to the tasks I have completed.

The trusty checklist is my friend in the office as well as at home and serves me when I’m going about my domestic/parental duties.


One way to tackle procrastination is to grab the bull by its horns and deal with the ugliest task first. Personally, I find that the pressure’s off and I’m not wasting my energy worried or anxious about finishing off that particular task if I’ve already done it.


I would love to hear any of your tips as to how you ward off procrastination. Let me know in the comments below. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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From Getting Underway to Giveaway – Beyond 10k

How whatveewore began…

One of the very best things about this blog and my Instagram, is all the engagement with my followers. Whether its words of encouragement, witty comments, or questions, I love it all.

Of all the questions I get asked, how I started out and why I do what I do are among the most frequent. While they might seem straightforward, in some ways they are also the most difficult to answer.

The how is easy.

I started whatveewore on Instagram on 16 January 2018 after I asked my husband to take a photo of my outfit as we were leaving the house. I was about to drop the kids off at school and daycare before jumping on a train to work and I wasn’t really sure if I was going to post it.

In the months leading up, my style confidence took a hit after having my first baby. My body completely changed and I couldn’t fit into half my corporate wardrobe. I desperately wanted to reignite my passion for classic style and I wanted to hold myself accountable again for looking my best.

After almost of year of Instagram-only posting I started whatveewore.com at the end of 2018. I wanted a chance to say something that might last just a bit longer than those few seconds of a scrolled feed and to curate a space where I could delve deeper into my interests and share insights about things that interested me. I purchased my domain and set things up on WordPress. Blog-writing was slow-going and my posts were far and few between – not helped by me heading into the third trimester with baby No. 2 and still trying to show up for my 9-5 every day. But I stuck at it.

Fast forward to June this year, after the safe arrival of bub, and the haze of newborn life beginning to lift, I managed to increase the time I could dedicate to my whatveewore world (including getting into a steady rhythm of writing blog posts). And here I am today, with the amazing support of over 10k Instagram followers and a climbing hit rate on my blog.

The why is a bit harder.

Hitting the 10k milestone has given me the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into my motivations. It’s also allowed me to refocus – to work even harder to make a meaningful contribution to day to day life of the extraordinary community of working women and mums that I have met so far on this unique journey.

I feel I have a capacity to bring my enduring passion for style out from the background of my life and show how just a little boost in your fashion confidence can supercharge the day. Feeling great in what you wear should be accessible to everyone.

It’d be fair to say that many of my spare moments now (and there are precious few!) are spent drafting and editing captions, writing blog posts and responding to comments. Many nights the light burns into the early hours of the morning as I finish off a blog post on my laptop in bed and respond to comments.

It may take up a sizeable chunk of my time (and quite a bit of my husband’s too as he takes all my photos!), but it has been an amazing, rewarding, enriching ride so far.

A massive Thank You

As I mentioned above, I’ve recently reached 10k over on my Instagram and I am so chuffed! Thank you to every single one of you who has ever hit the like button, taken the time to comment on anything I have published, and encouraged my passion for sharing my workwear looks since last year.

And now to the future…

I have learned and experienced so much through this journey and it makes me so excited and hopeful for what the future holds for whatveewore.  While every image I have shared, caption I have authored, comment I have replied to and blog post I have published has been a page in the story of my own personal development, I hope it has also been – and will continue to be – a compilation of inspiration for you.

Of course, personal style is ever evolving and developing – both mine and yours. But I hope that as we venture forward together, we will continue to shape whatveewore as a place that gives a boost to every woman’s fashion confidence.

I love fashion, sharing my looks, taking inspiration and connecting with all of you. Even though whatveewore is technically a ‘side hustle’, it is a true passion project and wholly satisfying.

Thanks for coming on the ride with me so far!


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Celine Mini Belt Bag Review

It’s no secret that I love Celine handbags.  I have 4 in my collection – the Micro Luggage, the Trio, the Cabas Tote and the Mini Belt Bag – and they are all black.  Out of all the bags in my collection, I get the most questions about my Celine Belt Bag – probably because it is currently the most featured bag on my Instagram but perhaps also because it is often overlooked by Celine’s other signature bags like the Triomphe, Luggage or the Classic Box bag. I feel like it needs no big introduction as I’ve made no secret about how much I love it.

The bag itself was introduced into the Celine family in 2014 during Phoebe Philo’s reign (…when the É was still around). It features a simple flap closure, a zipper closure underneath the flap and top handle. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap which can be worn cross-body in the smaller sizes.

I have the mini size in black grained calfskin.  It is my most used and favoured bag for work. It is hard to go past the minimal design but it is also very functional.


Celine sizing is often confusing. The Belt Bag comes in three sizes: nano, micro and mini.  The mini, contrary to its name, is the largest size offered.

Unsurprisingly, the prices have increased over the years and current dimensions and prices are below:


28cm x 23cm x 17cm | 11” x 9” x 7”

Handle with 4” (9cm) drop
Outer zipped pocket on the back
Shoulder strap with 14” (36cm) drop
4 protective studs on base

$3,150 AUD | $2,500 USD | £1,600 GBP


24cm x 20cm x 13cm | 9” x 8” x 5”

Handle with 4” (9cm) drop
Outer zipper pocket on the back
Shoulder strap with 20” (50cm) drop that can also be worn crossbody

$2,850 AUD | $2,300 USD | £1,500 GBP


20cm x 20cm x 10cm | 8” x 8” x 4”

Handle with 3” (8cm) drop
Shoulder strap can be worn cross-body

$2,500 AUD | $1,950 USD | £1,300 GBP

Prices current as at 2 October 2019.

Wear and tear

The bags are all made of grained calfskin which I personally find to be very durable. The mini size features 4 metal studs that protect the base. This comes in handy as my bag typically sits on the floor next to my desk when I’m in the office. I don’t baby my bags by any means.

The interior is very spacious with a few slots to keep some of my smaller items organised, though I tend not to use these. I’m more inclined to just throw my stuff in the main compartment.

There is a top zipper under the flap closure but I don’t really use this. I just rely on the flap closure and nothing has ever fallen out. It took a few times for me to get used to the hidden metallic closure but now I find it really easy to close. I know most people just close the flap over the belt but I like to tuck it underneath.

Where to buy

I typically shop for Celine at David Jones, Parlour X and the Celine boutique in Westfield Sydney.

The Celine website in Australia isn’t shoppable but I’m pretty sure it is in the US, Europe and the UK.

There are some on offer on the preloved market (I like Vestiaire Collective) but you have to be quick.  I did initially look to the preloved market to get mine but found they were typically priced close to or the same as retail so I decided to get a new one as a result.

What fits inside

I filmed a short video on my IGTV taking you through what I pack in my bag for the office.  Head over to my Instagram to check that out.

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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All Day Heels

Even though it may never appear in the Marvel or DC universe, the ability to wear 10cm (3″) stiletto heels from dawn to dusk should be regarded as a legitimate superpower.  Even at the height of my being a slave to fashion, I only managed to get around all day in 3″ stilettos a handful of times.

Killer heels for me are now strictly “car-to-the-bar” usage – but more realistically “desk-to-conference-room” – because, let’s face it, I haven’t been to a bar in years. Date nights with my husband don’t typically call for stilettos either.  In fact, just last night, we had our first date night in a while and went to watch Downton Abbey at our local cinema. We were both in our Nike Epic React sneakers carrying thermoses filled with tea. When your Saturday date night footwear is sneakers and you’re comfortable enough smuggling tea into a cinema together – you know you’ve found your forever partner. (P.S. Downton Abbey was great in case you were wondering!)

Being 158cm (or 5″3′), I need the extra height, especially around the office where everyone towers over me.  Thankfully, I’ve found ways to make heels work all day, and I’m sharing with you the things that I look for now that my ‘killer’ heels usage has come to a halt.

The Checklist

To ensure I am comfy in my heels and can last in them all day, I typically shop for heels that:

  • have a lower heel (ie. less than 6cm)
  • are cut with a higher vamp – the vamp is how the top of the shoe is cut.  I like shoes cut higher (covering more of your foot and toes) providing me with more support – like these.
  • are a comfier style such as mules or slingbacks – I prefer these as my feet are wider and fully enclosed shoes take a little longer to wear in.  Mules or slingbacks are an easier style to wear in as they are open at the back.  They’re also an acceptable form of footwear in my office which is why I’ve embraced them lately.
  • have a comfier block or kitten heel

If the shoe fits the above criteria, I can manage in them all day. And it’s not a case of walking to the station in flats or sandals and popping heels on at my desk.  I leave the house in these heels, walk to my kids’ day care centre to drop them off and then commute into the city on the train and back with no problem.

I bit the bullet with the heels I’m wearing here, which you may recognise from my Spring Workwear Wishlist.  They’re a wonderful dupe for The Row’s Coco Mules that I have wanted for the longest time, but couldn’t justify the price.

These gems I’m wearing are from Tony Bianco. They’ve got a comfy kitten heel and adjustable satin straps that tie up across the foot. If I’ve been doing a bit of walking throughout the day, the straps loosen up slightly and I typically re-tie them in the afternoon.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend and thanks again for stopping by!

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Four Ways to Style a Black Silk Shirt

A silk shirt is a timeless wardrobe staple and one every woman needs in her wardrobe.

No matter the occasion – a serious day in the office, a job interview, date night, drinks with friends – its versatility is undeniable as it moves seamlessly from 9-5 to after 5.

Style icons, both past and present, have confirmed the silk shirt as a classic. Those iconic Hepburns – Katherine and Audrey – effortlessly tucking theirs into wide legged pants. Lauren Hutton carelessly popping hers into a pair of khakis. And, Victoria Beckham styling a silk shirt with a high-waisted tailored trouser.

Silk is on high rotation in every fashion editor’s wardrobe and we’ve all seen many styling Equipment signature blouses with their inimitable je ne sais quoi.

Wherever you choose to draw inspiration from when styling a silk shirt, there is one thing that’s certain –  whatever you want it to be for you, it can. Be it polished, casual, effortless, tailored, smart or masculine, it is the chameleon in your wardrobe.

Wearing Lilysilk shirt throughout

Here, I’m styling a black silk shirt from Lilysilk. The shirt is made of a luxurious crepe de chine and is wrinkle resistant.  It’s feminine in a demure, understated way. It looks good tucked, part-tucked and untucked.  It’s slimming, yet enhancing. But, best of all, it has a premium look while being very reasonably priced.

Look 1: Checked Wrap Skirt

Wearing Lilysilk shirt, Scanlan Theodore skirt, Celine Cabas Tote, Vince Camuto Heels

Look 2: All Black

Wearing Lilysilk shirt, H&M Studio A/W 19 skirt, Tony Bianco mules, Celine Belt Bag

Look 3: Utility Skirt

Wearing Lilysilk shirt, Tony Bianco Mules, Chanel Classic Flap

Look 4: Denim & Leather

Wearing Lilysilk shirt, Oak Rider Leather Jacket, Nobody Denim Jeans, Tony Bianco Mules, Chanel Boy Bag

You can see all these looks in action on my IGTV.

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Shop the black shirt featured throughout here (I’m wearing a size S).

You can get 12% off your entire order at Lilysilk using the code ‘VEE12

All other items featured in my outfits are linked below:


Thanks to Lilysilk for their support in this post.  As always, thanks for stopping by!



Ahh, the blazer. The jacket that women blatantly stole from men (and then wore it better).

Its versatility is matched by no other – we wear it over dresses, tailored pants and denim (clean or distressed).

The best part? It straddles both the masculine and feminine, formal and relaxed and traditional and trendy. You can’t quite box it into one category and therein lies the allure.

Why you need one

My very first blazer was an oversized and itchy component of my school uniform at my all-girls high school. We all had one – some a little more faded than others. If you were lucky enough to get an updated version of the blazer, yours came with shoulder pads and lapels.  For the rest of us who had to deal with the older daggier style, it was a collarless, shoulder pad-less mess.

My second blazer was a slight improvement.  It was part of my choir uniform (yes I was in an awkward children’s choir – no it wasn’t a compulsory school one – yes I chose to go out of my own free will – and my God yes, I’m aware that I was/still might be a total dag!).  This blazer had shoulder pads and lapels but it was about four sizes too big.  My budget conscious mum had conscientiously bought a large blazer under the false impression that I would fit into it eventually (I still wouldn’t fit into it today).

Fast forward to graduating from university and resigning from my casual retail job to start a grad lawyer position, my wardrobe got upgraded too – my first designer bag (a pre-loved Miu Miu bow bag) and my first suit – a starchy and stiff wool monstrosity kept me in style purgatory for years.

The intervention came a few years later, when I walked through David Jones and finally acquired a feminine but structured navy blazer by a leading Australian designer – I don’t see a day when it won’t hang proudly in my wardrobe.

A well-made blazer is truly transformative.


What to look for

The key to wearing a blazer is ensuring that every element is tailored for you.  Here’s my checklist:

  • The buttons: The blazer should still hold its silhouette when worn unbuttoned (which is how I typically wear mine).  When buttoning the blazer, it should sit smooth and not pucker or pull on your chest.  I also look for blazers with working buttons and real buttonholes – to me, it’s a sign of quality.
  • The sleeves: They should hit no longer than the joint at the base of your thumb when standing with your arms at your side.  I make no exceptions here and I’ve gone to the trouble of shortening sleeves that have only been 1-2cm too long.  I think it makes all the difference.
  • The shoulders: For a traditional fit, they should be straight and crisp.  The seam where your arm and body meet should be at the outer edge of your shoulders.
  • The length: For a traditional one, it should skim your hipbone, but it really is a matter of preference.  There are so many different styles available in the marketplace.
  • The size: If you’re between sizes – always go up.  It is always easier to get things tailored to fit and not always possible the other way round.

Where to buy

There is a blazer to suit every budget and flatter every body type.

I predominantly wear my blazers to work.  I might wear it on a date night (though they are rare at the moment) but I haven’t really been incorporating them into my weekend wardrobe because a structured jacket isn’t conducive to chasing after a toddler or nursing an infant.

Here is where I look for (and have bought) quality blazers:

Luxury / Designer – International

Luxury / Designer – Australian

High Street – International

High Street – Australian


I’d love to know what you look for in a blazer and where you shop for them. As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!

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Pants – H&M (old season | similar here and here)

Mules – Tony Bianco (here | similar here, here and here)


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