Five of the Best Jacket Styles for Winter

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I’m serious about my winter jackets. I look forward to wearing them every time winter rolls around and have built up a healthy collection by steadily adding one or two (…or five) to my wardrobe each season. They’re classic wardrobe staples that I’m happy to invest my hard-earned clams on knowing that they’ll last me for years. Aside from the primary purpose of keeping me warm, I like my outerwear to tick a few boxes – comfortable, aligned with my personal style and practical – before I even consider adding a style to my wardrobe.

Despite being petite (I’m 158cm tall), I’ve leaned into jackets and coats of all lengths – from short pea-coat styles to longer draped styles. I’ve put together a selection of the best winter jacket styles from 5 categories of jackets I’ve relied on over the years – from dressy to practical, with some options to suit a variety of tastes and budgets.

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#1 – The Cosy Wool Coat

The Curated coat in Navy (AU link, US/UK link), Chocolate Melange (AU link, US/UK link), Charcoal Grey (US/UK link)

Let’s kick things off with my numero uno coat style for winter – the cosy wool coat. It’s such a luxury to be wrapped in a soft wool coat on a chilly day, but it has to be acknowledged that a coat made predominantly of wool will generally mean a heftier price tag – especially if it contains responsibly-certified wool or it’s a wool coat from a designer label (the last time I checked, the iconic Max Mara Manuela coat was being sold for over $5,000 – ouch!). If your budget permits, I’d recommend a wool coat, and you don’t necessarily have to spend an eye-watering amount for something that’s great quality. My coats from The Curated are a great example of this – they’re made entirely of wool (with a respectable amount of cashmere in the fabric composition too) and they’re a fraction of what you’d pay for designer counterpart. I’ve been fortunate enough to try out a few of their styles over the past few years. My favourite style from their collection? The London style, which features in the above imagery in the 3 colours I own. It still carries a premium price tag, but it represents great value for money for the quality if you have the means. I can’t recommend their coats enough.

While I would first recommend a wool coat, I appreciate that they’re not as friendly on the hip pocket, but thankfully there are some great wool-blend alternatives. When I was schlepping around in my wool-blend coats early on in my career when I was counting pennies, I would look for coats that contained at least 50% wool in their fabrication but I’d also make an assessment of how the fabric felt to the touch. One of my first coats was from H&M which set me back $170 at the time but I wore it throughout a few winters and managed to get the cost per wear down to under $1 which was hugely satisfying.

L: The Curated coat* (sz XS – AU link, US/UK link), Sezane top (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 26), Ally boots* (use ‘VIRGINIA50’ for $50USD off boots), Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here), Arms of Eve earrings*, Ray Ban sunglasses; R: The Curated coat* (sz XS – AU link, US/UK link), Everlane knit* (sz S – style linked), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 26), New Balance sneakers (also here), Patagonia bag (also herehere and here), Arms of Eve earrings*, Ray Ban sunglasses

#2 & #3 – The Trench Coat & Mac Coat

Clockwise from top left: Camilla & Marc short trench, Arket short trench coat, similar collarless style here, Mac Coat (similar here), Trench coat (similar here)

I’ve grouped these styles together in this list as both coat styles offer similar levels of warmth in my opinion. They’re both jackets on the lightweight end of the spectrum, provide protection from the elements and are styles that have been around for many years. Personally, I think there’s a place for each of these styles in your wardrobe, particularly if you experience mild winters like we do here in Sydney. That said, I do rely on both of these styles to keep me warm during the transitional months too. I love my trench coats, my top pick has to be this style from Sezane, but I also love this short trench coat from Arket which I’ve had for the past few years. I tend to opt for warmer coloured trench coats, but cool toned mac coats. My mac coat is an oldie from Everlane that has been in my wardrobe for a while, but I’ve also found this similar version that looks great.

L: Sezane trench coat (sz US 4, FR 36), Arket merino top (sz S – current colours linked), lululemon skirt (sz US 6 – AU link, similar here – US link), Bared boots, Bellroy bag* (review here), Status Anxiety sunglasses* R: Everlane Mac Coat* (sz XS – new version linked, similar here), Sezane blazer (sz UK 8 / US 4 / FR 36), Arket tee (sz S), The Fold trousers* (sz UK 8 – similar here and here), Ally Shoes heels* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off), Tory Burch tote (review here), Arms of Eve earrings*, bangle* and beaded bracelets*

#4 – The Leather Jacket 

Clockwise from top left: Versace Icon leather jacket, David Lawrence jacket (also here), David Lawrence leather blazer (also here), River Island faux leather blazer

For those of you living in parts of the world that experience proper winters, this is likely going to be more of a transitional jacket style. But for the rest of us, a leather jacket provides more than ample protection from the chill, particularly when you layer a cosy knit underneath. I used to associate leather jackets with the moto/biker style jackets, but there are so many chic and sophisticated options available that enjoy cleaner looks – like this leather blazer and this khaki jacket that I’ve styled for the office.

L: David Lawrence blazer* (sz 8), Sezane breton striped top (sz XS), The Fold trousers* (sz UK 8 – similar here and here), Ally shoes* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off all heels – read my review of a similar, but higher, style, here), Bellroy bag* (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: David Lawrence jacket* (sz 8), Everlane knit* (sz S – exact style linked though my colour isn’t currently in stock), Country Road skirt (sz AU 8), Ally shoes* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off all heels – read my review of a similar, but higher, style, here), Celine bag (watch my review here), Arms of Eve earrings*, bangle* and beaded bracelets*

#5 – The Puffer Jacket

Clockwise from top left: lululemon jacket (US link, AU link), Everlane puffer jacket, Uniqlo puffer jacket, Patagonia down jacket (sz S – also here)

Let’s wrap up this list with one of my most worn jacket styles – the puffer jacket. Admittedly, the humble puffer jacket and sophisticated styling don’t tend to go hand in hand. For the longest time, I considered the style to be purely functional that would primarily keep me warm during my active pursuits or on chilly mornings dropping the kids off at school. These days, I’m more than happy to style my jacket in everyday looks as the modern designs enjoy a minimal aesthetic and are less bulky that designs from the past. I bought my Patagonia jacket (also here) over a year ago after conducting a bit of research beforehand as I wanted it to serve two purposes – a down layer for winter hiking, but also a minimal option for everyday. It’s been a great purchase and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

L: Patagonia down jacket (sz S – also here), lululemon top* (sz US 6 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Patagonia down jacket (sz S – also here), Arket knit top (worn underneath – sz S), Nobody Denim jeansBellroy bag* (more here), adidas sneakers (sizing tips here given the confusing sizing system), Ray Ban sunglasses

I hope you enjoyed this round up of the best winter jackets.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. A recent casual outfit I wore + my daily outfits here.


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