New Bag Alert! Meet my New Loewe Mini Flamenco Clutch

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Introducing the newest member of my bag family – the Loewe Mini Flamenco Clutch. It’s been over a week since I’ve added this bag to my collection and I’m finally ready to announce her arrival to the world. This time round, I decided not to annoy you with my decision making process given it worked so well for me last time… but truth be told, it all happened very quickly! Net-A-Porter kicked off their end of season sale (which is still going by the way – my top picks are here!) and by sheer luck, I managed to get my hands on one of the last ones in stock in this size & colour combination. 

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You’ll recall my last Loewe bag purchase didn’t go so well – I bought the Puzzle Bag having had my heart set on it for years, and decided, after much thought, it wasn’t for me. I share my thoughts about the Puzzle Bag in this blog post but TLDR: it was too boxy for my liking and I couldn’t settle on a size I liked: the “mini” size too small; the “small” size too large for my purposes. 


The Flamenco has been on my wish list for the past 6 months. I love the simplicity of its design and the fact that it can be worn in several ways. While the Flamenco comes in different sizes and versions, from tote to clutch to bags with chain straps, I have only ever longed for the mini clutch version. The name of the bag is deceiving as what I like most about the bag is its ability to be styled in different ways. “Clutch” is just one of the ways it can be worn. It can also be worn crossbody or on the shoulder thanks to the adjustable strap that’s included. 

The bag design is beautifully minimal. It features a pouch with a magnetic closure with drawstring ties on each side that can be cinched together to give the bag the shape that mimics the dresses of flamenco dancers – how the bag got its name. Inside the bag are two D-rings to connect the adjustable shoulder strap that’s included with the bag (and very similar in width to the strap of the Celine Trio Bag). The Flamenco Clutch is slouchy in contrast to the boxy and structured shape of the Puzzle Bag, which explains why I love it so much. Both bags are hugely important styles to the designer house and icons in their own right, though the Flamenco is one that has had some history. It was originally designed in the 70s only to be revived from the archives by Jonathan Anderson. 

And while this was a spendy purchase, as is the case with all luxury items, I managed to score it for a steal in relative terms. Not only was it 30% off, but my bag is “old season”, so it was still priced with the “old season” RRP of $2,650 AUD (while the new season versions are priced at $3,400). Despite the design of the bag being the same, the main difference between old and new is the logo on each of the bags. The old season version bears the embossed anagram logo while the new season version has the Loewe logo in gold.

I have no doubt the Flamenco bag is a classic style. There’s a Flamenco for everyone with the many options available. What I won’t impose on you is the colour you should choose as I appreciate it’s a personal decision, clearly demonstrated by my choice! I know my green bag won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it has worked to fill a gap in my wardrobe in the sea of black and neutral bags I own. The colour is described as “lime green” on Net-A-Porter but I’m pretty sure it’s the colour described as “meadow green” on the Loewe website. 

I can’t wait to share with you how I style the bag! You can expect a detailed review of this once I’ve had a chance to properly use it.

As always, thanks for stopping by! 



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