Comparing 3 Retro Sneaker Styles: Adidas Samba, Adidas SL 72 & New Balance 574

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I’ve been back on the sneaker train for the past couple of years and let me tell you folks, it’s a great place to be. Before I started working full time, I was a proper sneaker head. It was Converse Hi Tops throughout high school, and while I was at uni (and working retail in a streetwear shop – I know… me!), it was Nike Air Max trainers all the way baby. Full time work broke up the sneaker party and there was a bit of a dry spell while I was killing my feet in heels but with time… she’s home mama. Back in sneaker town. 

In today’s post, I’m sharing my thoughts on 3 pairs of popular retro style sneakers. Two of the styles in this post are ones I already own in different colours, but as you’ll discover from scrolling down and seeing the styles that feature, I’m expanding the sneaker library by adding more colours to my rotation. 

Adidas Samba OG

adidas Samba sneakers (sizing help here), lululemon jumper, David Lawrence skirt* (similar here, here and here)

Honestly, these shoes are everywhere – particularly the white/black colour combo. I spied the brown/yellow pair on Net-A-Porter in my travels and had to nab them for myself. Personally, I love the colours (though my husband did remark how they look like Hawthorn’s colours and now I can’t unsee it). The shoes are also excellent quality – this particular style is a mix of leather and suede. Sambas now come in so many different colour combinations – you’ll be able to find a pair that suits your tastes if you’ve been eyeing the style. For sizing help (because it can get confusing), check out this post.

In terms of comfort, it’s important to keep in mind that these are a slim sneaker. So they’re not going to be as cushioned as the chunkier variety with air bubbles and the like. There exists an element of sponginess and I do consider these to be comfortable for what they are. No break in time is required either, an important point to make as there are sneakers that aren’t as easygoing.


Adidas SL 72 OG

adidas SL 72W sneakers, lululemon jumper, David Lawrence skirt* (similar here, here and here)

This style is new to me and I was originally after the brown/yellow combination but it had sold out in my size. I did manage to get my hands on a green pair, which is pretty retro in the mix of colours. Aesthetically, I think this sneaker smashes it out of the park. But when it comes to comfort and durability? I’m not sold. The upper is predominantly made of a mesh fabric so the shoe lacks structure. Also, the tongue is made of a foam-like material which feels flimsy in my opinion. I’m inclined to think the shoes will age quickly with a few wears so I’m not sure whether they represent bang for buck. That said, the shoes are available in a slew of retro cool colours so if you’re wanting to tick that box, and you see yourself taking these on more of an occasional spin, they would be ideal for you.


New Balance 574

New Balance sneakers, lululemon jumper, David Lawrence skirt* (similar here, here and here)

Last but certainly not least, are a pair you know I love when it comes to comfort. I’ve had my grey pair for over a year and I’m such a fan of the style. I wanted to add these in a warmer tone and while I wasn’t quite sure about the colour when they arrived, but I actually think they work quite well on my skin tone having tried them on. Similar to the other styles featured in my post, the 574s come in so many colours for both men and women. This style would probably be my top pick from the styles in this round-up, mainly due to the fact that they’re the most comfortable. Aesthetically, you’re getting a truer Dad-sneaker as it packs a bit more chunk, which adds to the overall charm.


I hope you found my retro sneaker comparison to be helpful!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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