Three Pairs of Proper Comfy Pants That You Make You Feel Put Together

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Not so long ago, I came to the realisation that my wardrobe sat on the end of two spectrums: my swanky outside clothes, and my relaxed loungewear. It wasn’t a true reflection of my lifestyle where a lot of “in-between stuff” happens. There’s the grocery runs, school drop-offs and pickups, casual coffee catch-ups and not to mention, working from home, where I prioritise comfort but need to feel put together to do my job properly! (Try writing a serious email in sweatpants – it’s impossible, folks)

Luckily, lululemon has a range of casual gear that bridges the gap between your fully fledged workout gear, and athleisure. In particular, I love that there’s no shortage of comfortable pants to get us through our not-so-glamorous plans for the day. If you’re considering adding some comfortable wardrobe staples to your rotation that you can actually leave the house in (without signalling that you’ve given up on the world) and make you feel put together, I’ve got you covered with 3 styles that I’ve been loving lately. 

#1 – High-Rise Cargo Pants

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L: lululemon pants (sz 26 – AU link / US link), lululemon top* (sz US 6); R: lululemon pants (sz 26 – AU link / US link), lululemon top* (worn underneath – sz US 6), Sezane shirt (sz US 4), Sarah Flint pumps* (use ‘SARAHFLINT-CCVIRGINIA1’ for 15% off)

I bought these pants late last year and have made great use of them over the summer break. They were my plane pants when we flew down south to spend Christmas with family, and they’ve since become one of my go-to pants for all of that in-between goodness – ie. working from home, lazy weekends with the kids. The best way to describe the style would be the love child of a pair of sweat pants and cargo pants. I use the sweat pant analogy because not only as they are comfy as them, but they’ve got an elasticised waistband at the back, despite looking like a sophisticated pair of trousers from the front. The high-waisted style makes these really comfortable and I love how you can dress them up too. 5 stars.

#2 – Lightweight High-Rise Culottes

AU link

collage of woman wearing lululemon navy wide leg trousers in blog post about comfy pants that are put together

L: lululemon pants* (sz US 6 – AU link), lululemon tank* (sz US 6 – AU link / US link), lululemon bag* (AU link / US link), Teva sandals; R: lululemon pants* (sz US 6 – AU link), lululemon high-neck bra* (sz US 6 – AU link)

Another pair of trousers on high rotation are these lightweight wide-leg culottes. While they’re described as wide-leg, I’d characterise these more as a straight leg style (perhaps they’re wide leg in “lululemon world” where the majority of their pants are skin tight leggings!). These certainly live up to the style name, they’re incredibly lightweight and fit for the purpose of wearing all day. I’ve worn these a ton on weekends and every time I share an outfit featuring these pants, I get a stack of DMs come through about them. The answer is always “yes, they’re awesome.”

#3 – Softstreme Straight-Leg Cropped Pants

US link / AU link

collage of woman wearing lululemon trousers in blog post about comfy pants that are put together

L: lululemon pants* (sz US 6 – AU link / US link), lululemon tank* (sz US 6 – AU link / US link);
R: lululemon pants* (sz US 6 – AU link / US link); lululemon jumper* (sz US 6 – AU link / US link)

Finally we have a pair of sweat pants, but these aren’t traditional sweat pants in the sense that if you were to leave home in them, you’d signal to the world that you’ve given up. No siree bob – these are the boujiest variety! They’re made of this lush velvety fabric, which is known as ‘Softstreme’ developed by the lululemon team, and there is no softer fabric in the world. I’ve had two jumpers in the Softstreme fabric and they’re amazing so I pounced at the opportunity to add a pair of trousers in the fabric. They come in a variety of lengths but I’m pleased to report the cropped length is perfect if you’re a shortie like me (I’m 5’2 / 158cm btw).

And there you have it, three pairs of awesome pants for all of that “in-between action” in our lives. If you have any questions, feel free to pop them in the comments below.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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