Senreve Maestra Bag: First Impressions on Sizing & What Fits Inside

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It’s been a few years since Senreve sent across their Mini Maestra bag for me to try. After giving the bag a proper road test, I penned my thoughts in this review and it also featured in my comprehensive video review over on my YouTube channel where I also feature 2 other Senreve bags. 

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I love going deep with a bag – that should come as no surprise considering how many bag reviews are on the blog and my YouTube channel! I get a kick out of trying and testing bags I ordinarily wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. Which leads me to the star of this post – the original Maestra bag – the first bag released by the brand back in 2016. When the Senreve team contacted me earlier this month and asked if I wanted to try out their OG bag, I was verrrry keen to give it a whirl! I’ve always been curious about this bag as I know it can divide opinions. The timing coincides nicely with a lot of us returning to work and looking to refresh work staples. 

senreve maestra bag on rattan occasional chair

Since I only received the bag last week, it’s too short a time frame to offer a comprehensive review, but I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you what fits inside the bag and touch on some of my initial thoughts on sizing. 

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What fits inside

The original Maestra bag is the largest of the Maestra range and the only bag designed to fit a laptop. The midi and mini versions don’t have that capability but they do fit iPads and Kindles respectively. 

As you can see from the images I’ve included below, there are internal compartments in the bag to keep things organised. There’s also a dedicated laptop section (with a stud button fastening strap for added security) that’s designed to fit a 13” laptop. I’ve laid out some of the gear I typically pack with me for a regular day in the office which includes my 14” laptop, my Bellroy tech kit (which houses my chargers and other loose cables), my Kindle, my phone (iPhone 14 Pro for reference) and my make up pouch. The laptop I use for work is 14”, a tad larger than the device size the laptop section was designed for. Here’s how everything looks packed inside: 

As you can see, my laptop just fits inside the dedicated pocket (though the small stud closure strap can’t be used, not that I find that to be a useful feature), but there’s still ample room in the bag with all of my things packed. 

The Senreve website states that a 15” laptop can fit in the central compartment, but it’s worthwhile me noting that I managed to fit my rather hefty 16” MacBook in the main compartment with no issues. You can even zip up the bag with the MacBook inside so it’s not a case of weird bits sticking out.

16″ MacBook in the bag. 10 points for Gryffindor. 

Initial thoughts on sizing

One of the main selling points of the Maestra bags is its multifunctional purpose – Senreve drives home the point that the design allows you to wear it in 4 different ways – as a top handle, as a satchel, as a crossbody and as a backpack. I do question the practicality of wearing this bag in all 4 ways, particularly in the OG size. But I’ll let some of the images do the talking. For reference I’m 5’2” / 158cm tall. 

Top handle

petite woman in smart casual outfit for work wearing senreve maestra bag in blog post about sizing and first impressions


petite asian woman in smart casual outfit for work wearing senreve maestra bag as a top handle in blog post about sizing and first impressions


woman in smart casual outfit for work wearing senreve maestra bag in blog post about sizing and first impressions

The clear winner for me is the backpack method. It sits well against my back and is without a doubt, the most comfortable way to wear the bag. I consider the bag design looks more like a traditional top handle or a crossbody, but I’m not sure how I feel about it when worn in these ways. I think the proportions don’t necessarily flatter my petite frame. The bag looks really big and the structured shape really amplifies this. I didn’t even try wearing it as a crossbody because it didn’t feel comfortable to do so with all of my gear packed inside. 

I appreciate I haven’t had a chance to use this bag much, but I have a feeling the backpack method will generally be your favoured option. It’s certainly a lot dressier in its aesthetic than a lot of backpacks I have on rotation. But it offers an elevated aesthetic you won’t find with regular backpacks. That said, the bag is priced as a luxury bag given it’s handcrafted in Italy from sturdy leather. While the leather is very durable, the bag can be quite weighty – definitely something to keep in mind. 

I hope you found my initial thoughts to be helpful. Once I get a chance to settle into this bag, I’ll share more of my comprehensive thoughts. In the meantime, pop any questions you have in the comments section below and I’ll respond there for the benefit of others who might be wondering the same thing.

Until then, you can use this link for $50 off Senreve. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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