My Activewear Ride or Die Pieces – The Best Fitness Gear for Your Wardrobe

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I don’t consider myself to be a fitness person. I’ve never been one of those people to wake at the crack of dawn to go for a run or an early morning workout class – it’s just never been my thing. Years ago when I held a gym membership through the firm I was working for, I gravitated towards fun cardio-oriented group classes, and I’d occasionally kill an hour on the treadmill, but it never really progressed beyond that. 

I think you’re getting the gist: me ≠ fitness junkie.

The importance of moving and staying fit becomes more apparent as you get a little older and your joints start being uncooperative. I’m now in my late 30s, I’ve birthed two kids, and after sustaining a few too many painful muscle strains from the most mundane of tasks (like reaching around to fetch the water bottle my son dropped in the car that he suddenly needed IMMEDIATELY), I got the wake up calls I needed to establish healthier habits. 

While I initially prioritised my physical fitness, it’s the mental health benefits that keep me going. I’m a happier and less stressed version of myself. Whether it’s cardio, hiking or strength training, I’m all about building a fitness routine that’s sustainable for the long term. 

I appreciate you don’t come to me for fitness inspiration (trust me, I wouldn’t either 😜), but it should come as no surprise that I love to incorporate my love of personal style into the activewear I rely on during my fitness pursuits. In this post, I’m rounding up all of my favourite activewear pieces that I swear by. 

Let’s get straight into it: 

For lounging around the house / working from home

I’m going to (unashamedly) kick things off with the category that my activewear gets the most use – when I’m lounging around the house and working from home. All of these items are as comfy as a pair of classic fleece trackies (the glorious pilling kind) but the difference is that you can actually leave the house in them without sending a message to the world that you’ve given up on life. 

Here are my cosy comfy go-tos:

#1 – lululemon Softstreme oversized jumpers

I’ve got a couple of these on rotation and they’re incredibly soft – a cross between velvet and silk in their texture. They come in a huge range of colours and the fabric also features in other pieces too – like pants and shorts. The jumpers are a real favourite of mine – they’re elevated enough for video calls but feel like a cosy hug. 

lululemon jumper* (sz US 6 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia bag (AU link, US link), New Balance sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

#2 – lululemon “Swift” culottes

I live in these pants and this navy pair is my third pair in this style. Made from their legendary “Swift” fabric, a version of these is released every few months because they’re so popular. They almost always come in a cropped style which means fellow petites can wear these off the rack (though I should point out that lululemon offers complimentary in-store hemming for all their bottoms) and the elasticised waist means they’re always comfortable! They’re also ideal for travel. I wore these on our most recent trip to Geelong for Christmas.

Left: lululemon pants* (sz US 6), lululemon high neck bra* (sz US 6); Below: lululemon pants* (sz US 6), Power Of My People shirt* (sz M), Teva sandals

#3 – Patagonia fleece jumper

Equal parts technical & fun! This lightweight quick drying fleece jumper has come on many hikes when the weather starts to cool. While it serves as an important insulation layer when I’m hiking, I also love wearing it when I’m having a lazy day at home. I purposely chose a bright colour combo to spark joy and it has done precisely that.

Patagonia fleece jumper (sz S – similar herehere and here), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

#4 – lululemon Ebb to Street tank tops

This seamless tank has an in-built shelf bra which provides a lot of freedom to just go about your day after a morning walk.

There is a difference between the cropped version and the long-line version. I prefer the cropped on my petite frame – the straps on this version are like a racer top, whereas the long line version looks more like a thick-strapped cami.

lululemon top (sz UK 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link) – these are my go-to training tights, New Balance sneakers (also here)

For when you’re actually being active

Activewear used for the purpose it was intended?! What is this?! On those occasions, here are my top picks, broken down into subcategories depending on the intensity of the activity.

Walking / light exercising

Here are the pieces I rely on for my less intense, low impact activities – walking, stretching, and quick bursts of movement to get the blood flowing.

#5 – lululemon high rise woven shorts

A pop of colour to add some freshness to my activewear! These high rise shorts have a cinchable waist and I’ve been relying on these for my walks over the Christmas/New Year break. Really comfy and breezy too.

lululemon shorts* (sz S), lululemon high neck bra* (sz US 6)

#6 – Patagonia lightweight jacket

This is my ultralight windbreaker that I wear year round when I’m out walking and hiking. It’s up there as one of my favourite activewear items because of how often I use it. It’s a breathable piece that’s also been treating with a coating to make it weather resistant. During the warmer months, I’ll pop this one for some sun protection and during the cooler months, it provides lightweight coverage when I don’t necessarily want to rely on a warmer fleece layer. It even packs down to a compact size for travel – I can’t recommend this enough!

Patagonia jacket (sz S), Macpac technical long sleeve top (sz AU 6), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia bag (AU link, US link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

woman wearing fitness wear in blog post sharing best activewear pieces

#7 – lululemon Align pant

I feel like this is the one lululemon item that everyone knows about – these incredible soft Align pants (ie. the velvety smooth yoga tights lots of brands have tried to duplicate). I’m not much of a yoga person, but I do rely on these for light movement and stretches, and then I’ll tend to just wear them for the rest of the day! There are so many different versions of the Align pant, but my preference are the ones that have side pockets, a really handy place to store my phone.

lululemon Align pants with pockets* (sz US 6), lululemon hoodie (sz S – similar version linked), lululemon bra (similar version linked – US 6, , New Balance sneakers (also here), lululemon bag* (AU linkUS linkCA link), Ray Ban sunglasses

Sweatier workouts (ie. hiking and strength training)

Here are the more technical pieces that I rely on for my sweatier endeavours – whether it be a solid strength training workout, or a hiking adventure. The pieces mentioned here are more technical in their composition or construction designed with those activities in mind.

#8 – Scarpa boots

While they’re not the most aesthetic, these are my tried and true hiking boots that offer the support and flexibility I need when I’m trekking across different terrains. I’m not the most balanced on my feet, and have loved the ankle support and grip these boots have provided. Ideal for year-round use (at least in Australia anyway!), they’re waterproof (thanks to the GORETEX) and they have a non-slip Vibram sole. I only have one pair of hiking boots in my wardrobe and after a lot of research, I decided to go with these. They have not disappointed!

Scarpa hiking boots, lululemon tank* (sz US 6 – US linkAU link), Kathmandu pants (sz AU 6 – also here), Bellroy bag*, Goodr sunglasses

woman wearing activewear in blog post sharing best fitness gear

#9 – lululemon “Swiftly Tech” long sleeve top

Breathable, seamless, lightweight – this top is designed for you to get your sweat on. It’s designed specifically for running and training and comes in a variety of lengths and sleeve lengths too. I’ve got this top in both white and navy and rely on it for strength training and also when I’m hiking.

lululemon top* (sz US 6 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

woman wearing activewear pieces on bushwalk sharing best fitness pieces in favourites blog post

#10 – lululemon “Fast & Free” tights

These tights are much more hardwearing than the Align pants mentioned above. I’ve had my navy pair for a few years (they still look new and have retained their shape!) and recently added a khaki pair to my collection. They’re quick drying, sweat wicking and have four way stretch – meaning you can squat to your heart’s content! These tights are made from lululemon’s patented ‘Nulu’ fabric which is really lightweight and breathable.

The tights also have a few technical features on them, including pockets. an adjustable waist and reflective details.

lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon bra (similar version linked – US 6), Patagonia bag (AU link, US link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

#11 – Patagonia rain jacket

We went for an overnight hike over a weekend with torrential rain (exhibit A below) and I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated an item of clothing as much as this one after that weekend! It offers exceptional waterproof performance while being lightweight and breathable. I love the simple unpretentious design and the fact that the cuffs and hood are adjustable.

Patagonia light blue outer layer jacket (sz S), Macpac technical long sleeve top (sz AU 6), Macpac hiking pants, Scarpa hiking boots, Macpac backpack

pink tank top and wide leg trousers in blog post sharing best activewear pieces

#12 – lululemon mesh tank

Here’s another activewear piece I like relying on when going about my strength training. It’s breathable thanks to its mesh construction, and also adds a pop of fun colour to my otherwise neutral activewear collection.

lululemon tank top* (sz US 6), lululemon pants* (sz US 6)

For everything else

All the little bits and bobs that didn’t fit in the categories above!

#13 & #14 – Patagonia ultra light bag & cap

My most used accessories are without a doubt by Patagonia cap and ultra light bag. The cap has a low crown and unstructured shape (for an extra dose of ‘dad’). The bag is the lightest crossbody that I have in my collection and it houses all of the essentials – cardholder, phone, keys, lip gloss, sunglasses. It’s a little pocket rocket.

Patagonia bag (AU link, US link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), lululemon bra (similar here – US 6), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

woman on a beach rock walk wearing tank top and hiking boots in blog post sharing best activewear

#15 – goodr sunglasses

I bought these sunglasses last year and they’re equal parts fun and functional. They’re ideal for outdoorsy activities because they don’t slip (or bounce, if you’re running), and they’re also polarised. They come in so many different shapes and colours and they’re pretty friendly on the hip pocket too.

Goodr sunglasses, Scarpa hiking boots, lululemon tank* (sz US 6 – US linkAU link), Kathmandu pants (sz AU 6 – also here), Bellroy bag*

#16 – Bellroy crossbody bag

This Bellroy crossbody is one of the most durable bags I have in my collection – ideal for when we’re going deep into the bush with a higher concentration of scratchy and spiky things in our path. It’s internal configuration means everything inside just stays in place, and it’s comfortable and lightweight when worn.

Bellroy bag*, Patagonia t-shirt (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans (sz 26), adidas sneakers (sizing tips here given the confusing sizing system), Ray Ban sunglasses

As always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. My Top 10 wardrobe favourites of 2023!


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