2023 Wrapped: Top 10 Wardrobe Favourites

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With only a few more days left of the year, I wanted to look back and share 10 of my style favourites that I’ve added to my wardrobe over the course of 2023. These are pieces that I have no hesitation in recommending to you as I’ve had the opportunity to properly road test them throughout the year. Some of these items have also had quite the build up to their purchase and have become rather sentimental pieces in my collection.

A general observation I can make of this round up is that I’ve continued to prioritise comfort.  All of the shoes I’ve chosen to feature are either sneakers, or designed by a podiatrist. Is this a sign of my age?! The same goes with the clothing and accessories that form part of this list – comfort reigns supreme!

In no particular order, here are my top 10 style favourites from the year:

#1 – Sezane Will Jacket

This has to be one of the most hyped-up Sezane pieces from their classic collection but I definitely get the hype now that I’ve had a chance to try it. Initially I was apprehensive about the long-line style and the patch pockets, but it’s proven to be a very stylish addition. A French take on a classic denim jacket. I mean, it’s so nice I bought it twice! I bought the indigo version first which is similar to raw denim but without the colour transfer. The tan suede version followed a few months later after I saw a photo of Sofia Richie Grainge looking amazing in it. Both are true to size – I wear a size XS and I’m usually a size AU 8. 

This is the only Sezane piece that makes this top 10 list but special mention should also go to this blazer and this blazer also from Sezane for ramping up my blazer game this year.

L: Sezane Will jacket (sz XS), Everlane cashmere knit* (sz XS – new season version linked), Everlane trousers* (sz US 2, short), adidas Samba sneakers (sizing help here), Bellroy bag* (featured here), Ray Ban sunglassesR: Sezane Will jacket (sz XS), Sezane breton striped top (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans (sz 26), New Balance sneakers (also here), Gucci bag (review hereAU linkUS linkUK link also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

L: Sezane jacket (sz XS), Sezane top (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here) R: Sezane jacket (sz XS), Arket t-shirt (sz S), Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci loafers (watch my styling video here), Gucci belt (review here), Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here), Polene earrings*

#2 – Arket merino tops

I’ve got 5 of these in my collection now (including black and chocolate brown), but I recently added this lilac version to my wardrobe, so technically, I can include it on this 2023 list! These have been an A/W favourite for years – they’re the best layering tops during the colder seasons. The merino wool is superfine but not high maintenance. On a technical level, they provide enough warmth while still being breathable. Aesthetically, they’re a flattering and fitted cut – a basic crew neck style which I love wearing on its own or under a jacket. 

Special mention also goes to Arket’s crew neck tees which serve the same purpose for me during the warmer months – they’re a 5 star crew neck tee that look great worn on their own or layered underneath a lightweight jacket during those cooler nights. 

L: Arket knit top (sz S), The Fold blazer* (sz UK 8 – similar here and here), The Fold trousers* (sz UK 8 – similar here and here), Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote* (featured here), Arms of Eve earrings; R: Arket knit top (sz S), Arket jacket (sz 34), Nobody Denim jeansBellroy bag* (more here), adidas sneakers (sizing tips here given the confusing sizing system), Ray Ban sunglasses

#3 – Ally Shoes Lower Block Heels

I first got my hands on a pair of Ally Shoes in January 2023 and my shoe wardrobe has improved on an exponential scale with an additional 10 pairs from the brand! They’re one of my favourite 2023 discoveries and my feet are so much happier for it. I’m a broken record when it comes to Ally Shoes, they feature constantly on the blog, my YouTube channel and in my Instagram reels. We all need a pair of classic pumps in our wardrobe, but these are next level thanks to the podiatrist designed comfort features embedded in the design. There’s no compromise on aesthetics either – every one of their shoes is beautifully designed. Sooo many of you have taken advantage of my discount code ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40 USD off a pair of heels. Winner winner. 

L: Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote*, Everlane blazer* (sz 0), Arket t-shirt (sz S), The Fold trousers* (sz UK 8), Ally Shoes heels* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off), Ray Ban sunglassesArms of Eve earrings*R: Sezane jacket (sz FR 36, US 4), Arket t-shirt (sz S), The Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Ally Shoes block heels* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off), Bellroy bag* (featured here and reviewed here)Ray Ban sunglasses

Watch my comprehensive review below:

#4 – Bared Sandals – Sparrow & Bittern

While we’re talking podiatrist-designed shoes, another shoe brand that has stolen my heart is Bared Footwear – an Aussie based brand that has been around for a while so I’m a bit late to the party. Aside from all the comfort features in their shoes, they’re very good at keeping up with trends and their designs are far from boring. I’ve got two pairs of their shoes, a braided sandal and a fisherman’s sandal, both styles that risk looking daggy if not executed properly, but that’s obviously not the case here! The braided sandals are, without a doubt, my favourite summer shoe. I bought them a few months ago and I’ve worn them everywhere. The fisherman’s sandals are a more recent purchase, and while it’s still too early to call, I’m predicting a similar future. 

L: Bared Sparrow sandals, Polene bag* (reviewed here), Sezane blazer (sz FR 36, UK 8, US 4), Arket t-shirt (sz S), Anine Bing skirt (sz S), Ray Ban sunglassesArms of Eve earrings*; R: Bared Bittern sandals (sz 36), Witchery vest* (sz AU 8 – also here and here, similar here), Nobody Denim jeans (sz 26), Bellroy bag* (featured here), Arms of Eve earrings, Status Anxiety sunglasses*

#5 – adidas Samba Sneakers 

My love for sneakers has remained strong throughout the year and I’ve been making great use of my adidas white sambas. I appreciate many people have these but despite their popularity, they’re a great pair of shoes and they really do go with everything. If you’ve had these on your wish list, they’re well stocked now so you should definitely get them – you won’t regret it! The sizing can be a tad confusing so I’ve written a dedicated blog post to help you suss out your size. 

L: adidas sneakers (also here), Marks & Spencer trench coat* (sz UK 8), Sezane knit (sz XS – similar style here and here), Nobody Denim jeans (sz 26, petite),  Gucci bag (read more here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: adidas sneakers (also here), The Curated knit* (sz XXS), Arket t-shirt (sz S), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 26), Bellroy bag*, Ray Ban sunglasses, Arms of Eve earrings*

#6 – The Frankie Shop Cargo Pants 

I’m a tad late to the return of this cargo pants trend but I’ve well and truly arrived! I nabbed myself a pair of the super popular Frankie Shop trousers in khaki and they have quickly become my favourite trousers in my wardrobe. So much so that I’ve ordered them in beige (they also come in black). The matching waistcoat has also been incredibly popular (which I own and love) but the trousers deserve their own mention because they’re a true standout piece. While they’re called ‘cargo pants’, they’re more of a relaxed tailored trouser with a cargo pant personality. They’re dressy enough for me to wear to the office (perfect if you enjoy a smart casual dress code for the office) but they also look great styled in casual looks with sneakers (I prefer the former over the latter). 

L: Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Everlane blazer* (sz US 0), Sezane tank (sz XS), Bared Footwear sandals (sz 36 – featured in this dedicated blog post here), Bellroy bag* (featured here and reviewed here), Arms of Eve earrings*, bangle* and ring, Status Anxiety sunglasses*; R: Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Witchery vest (sz AU 8), Bared Footwear sandals (sz 36 – featured in this dedicated blog post here), Bellroy bag* (featured here and reviewed here), Arms of Eve earrings*, bangle* and ring, Status Anxiety sunglasses*

#7 – Gucci Horsebit 1955 Bag

I couldn’t do a wrap up of my favourites for the year and not include my one and only luxury bag addition – my Gucci 1955 Horsebit bag. This was a generous gift from my husband to celebrate a few milestones including our wedding anniversary. For those of you following along for the year, you’ll recall I initially had my heart set on the Loewe Puzzle Bag, but after many visits to the boutique and several rounds of pro-con listing (see here), I decided it wasn’t for me. 

I’ve had zero regrets with this Gucci bag – it’s elegant and understated and I opted for the chocolate brown for something a bit softer in my sea of black bags. You can read my review here

L: Gucci bag (AU linkUS linkUK link also here), The Curated blazer* (sz XXS), Arket merino top (sz S), Lilysilk skirt* (sz 27), Sarah Flint boots* (use ‘SARAHFLINT-CCVIRGINIA1’ for 15% off your first pair of shoes), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here), Atmos & Here dress (sz 8 – 40% off and also available in blue floral & khaki), Bared Footwear sandals (sz 36 – featured in this dedicated blog post here), Status Anxiety sunglasses*, Arms of Eve earrings*

#8 – Bellroy Tokyo bags 

I’m cheating here by combining 3 bags in this one entry but it’s impossible for me to pick just one! Bellroy’s Tokyo range is excellent. I bought the Tokyo Totepack after doing a ton of research into backpacks and it remains one of my most used bags for work – stylish, comfortable and dripping in compartments – the ideal bag if you want to keep things practical and organised but don’t want to compromise on style. The Tokyo Wonder Tote and Tokyo Crossbody are newer designs that came out in August this year and I was lucky enough to get my hot little hands on each of the bags a few weeks before their release. As is the case with all Bellroy bags, the internal configuration makes organisation a breeze. The Tokyo Crossbody bag has been my go-to runaround bag (but it’s also been dressy enough for date nights) and the Tokyo Wonder Tote offers both style and practicality when I opt to take a tote with me to the office. 

If you’ve yet to add a Bellroy bag to your collection, I would definitely start with a bag from their Tokyo line. The bags are more elevated in their design aesthetic offering versatility with how you can style them. 

Bellroy Tokyo Totepack

L: Bellroy backpack (as featured here), Marks & Spencer trench coat* (sz AU 8), Sarah Flint boots* (use ‘SARAHFLINT-CCVIRGINIA1’ for 15% off), Lilysilk skirt* (sz 27), Patagonia cap (attached to my bag – also here and here); R: Bellroy backpack (as featured here), The Curated coat* (sz XS), Arket tee (sz XS), Celine beltEverlane pants* (sz US 2, Short), Everlane sneakers*, Ray Ban sunglasses, Arms of Eve earrings*, Patagonia cap (attached to my bag – also here and here)

Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote

L: Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote*, Everlane Mac Coat* (sz XXS), Anine Bing skirt (sz S, also here and here); R: Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote*, Everlane blazer* (sz 0), Arket t-shirt (sz S), The Fold trousers* (sz UK 8), Ally Shoes heels* (use ‘VIRGINIA40’ for $40USD off), Ray Ban sunglassesArms of Eve earrings*

Bellroy Tokyo Crossbody Bag

L: Bellroy Tokyo Crossbody bag* (featured here), Lilysilk knit* (sz S), Nobody Denim jeans, Everlane sandals (similar here), Arms of Eve earrings*, Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Bellroy Tokyo Crossbody Bag*Everlane Mac Coat* (sz XXS), Sezane top (sz XS), Anine Bing skirt (sz S, also here and here), R.M. Williams boots (also here, read my review here)

Watch my comprehensive Bellroy review below:

#9 – The Curated London Coat

It’s summer in my part of the world so writing about coats is somewhat amusing however the London Coat from The Curated has earned its rightful place on this list considering how often I wore it during the colder months. I’m a broken record when it comes to The Curated considering all the reviews I’ve posted on my YouTube channel and my blog (watch here, read here). The fabric is a luxurious mix of cashmere and wool so not only are they incredibly warm, but they’re deliciously soft. It’s hard to go back to wool mix coats after adding one of these coats to your collection! I wear a size XS and thanks to the relaxed cut, there’s still ample room for layering. I’ll let the outfits above speak for themselves!

L: The Curated coat* (sz XS – same colour also available in this style), Sezane top (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans (sz 26), Ally boots* (use ‘VIRGINIA50’ for $50USD off boots), Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here), Arms of Eve earrings*, Ray Ban sunglasses; R: The Curated coat* (sz XS – same colour also available in this style), Everlane knit* (sz S – style linked), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 26), R.M. Williams boots (also here, read my review here), Gucci bag (AU linkUS linkUK link also here and here), Arms of Eve earrings*

#10 – Remain knit dresses 

L: Remain Birger Christensen Dress* (sz 36), Ganni bag*, Sam Edelman shoes*; R: Remain Birger Christensen Dress (sz 36), Ganni bag* (sold out, another beaded style linked), Atmos & Here heels

Lastly I wanted to plug these ribbed knit dresses I’ve been loving from Remain Birger Christensen. They’re an investment full price, so I’d definitely recommend getting them from The Outnet where you can nab them for at least 40% off. This yellow dress has been a home run and I’ve since added this navy dress to my collection too. The ‘Ella’ style in particular is flattering if you’re pear shaped like me as the silhouette flares out at the hips. On days where I can’t be bothered, they’ve made me feel put together. 5 stars. 100% recommend. 

Honourable mentions:

I struggled to contain it to my top 10 items so here are a few more pieces that just missed the cut:

David Lawrence skirt: a high-waisted, A-line cut midi skirt that’s made of a stretchy white denim. A great length and so comfortable – one of my summer staples recently. 

L: David Lawrence knit* (sz XS – also here), David Lawrence skirt* (sz AU 8 – also here), Gucci bag (review here – AU linkUS linkUK link also here), Everlane sandals (based on the real deal version here) R: David Lawrence skirt* (sz AU 8 – also here), Arket tee (sz XS), Bared sandals (sz 36), Arms of Eve earrings, Status Anxiety bag* and coin purse* (attached to bag), Status Anxiety sunglasses*

The Fold London suiting: If there’s an ensemble that signals my personal style shift away from neutrals, it’s a bright suit! Few executing suiting as well as the folks at The Fold London – it’s always a real confidence boost stepping out in their pieces.

Patagonia Microdini Fleece Sweaters: For something a bit cosier, on cooler days WFH or off duty, I love me comfy fleece sweater. My jumper of choice is a Microdini sweater from Patagonia. They’re hardwearing, long lasting, but I also love the fun colours they come in. They’re an investment but I justify it because they also accompany me on hikes but I live in them around the house. Meanwhile, we have a family hike coming up shortly and I took advantage of the sales and loaded the family up in Patagonia sweaters too!

L: Patagonia fleece jumper (sz S – similar herehere and here), lululemon tights (sz US 4 – AU linkUS linkCA link), Patagonia cap (also here and here), Nike sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Patagonia fleece jumper (sz S – similar herehere and here), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 26), Bellroy bag*, New Balance sneakers (also here), Ray Ban sunglasses

And that’s a wrap! Thank you all so much for supporting me this year. I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you. I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones. Looking forward to sharing more with you in 2024!


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