Adidas Samba Unisex Sneakers: Sizing Tips for Women

woman wearing adidas samba sneakers in blog post sharing sizing tips for women

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We’re right in the thick of 90s revival right now when it comes to fashion. Sneakers, wide leg trousers, and baseball caps. As a geriatric millennial, I recall some of the fashion but didn’t live through it like my mum did, but every scroll of my Instagram feed provides me with more opportunities to channel my inner Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and Princess Diana.

adidas Samba OG sneakers (also available here), Arket trench coat (sz XS), Arket merino top (sz S – current colours linked), Nobody Denim jeans* (sz 25 from their petite range), Patagonia bag (also herehere and here), Ray Ban sunglasses, Arms of Eve earrings*

It might have taken some time to gain traction, but there’s no denying we’ve all embraced sneakers. One such sneaker that has been an absolute hit over the past few months is the adidas Samba sneaker. I’m pretty sure the Instagram algorithm has cottoned on to this for me as every other feed post has featured them. The iconic Samba sneakers have been around since the 1940s proving they’re a timeless style. While they were originally a mens shoe, adidas has expanded the size range to accommodate women. And now I’ve got my hands on a pair, I consider they’re a worthwhile investment that will get plenty of use, thanks to its minimal and classic style.

I found sizing to be quite a challenge, and considering the conflicting advice online, I thought I’d share my thoughts on sizing to help any of you currently mulling over a pair. On the plus side, the size range is very inclusive and the Samba sneakers are offered in half sizes, so you’re guaranteed to find a pair that will fit you perfectly.

adidas samba sneakers in blog post sharing sizing tips for women

adidas Samba OG sneakers (also available here)


Samba Sizing Reference Guide

Ultimately, I found it easier to go with the EU size guide on most websites, as this appeared to be most consistent. I’m an EU 36.5 / AU 6.5 / US 6.5 and I went for a size UK 4 (or a US mens 4.5). I’m happy to report the shoes fit me perfectly.

So here’s my quick reference guide:

adidas size UK 3 (US Mens 3.5) equivalent to EU 35.5, US Women 5.5, AU Women 5.5

adidas size UK 3.5 (US Mens 4) equivalent to EU 36, US Women 6, AU Women 6

adidas size UK 4 (US Mens 4.5) equivalent to EU 36.5, US Women 6.5, AU Women 6.5

adidas size UK 4.5 (US Mens 5) equivalent to EU 37, US Women 7, AU Women 7

adidas size UK 5 (US Mens 5.5) equivalent to EU 37.5, US Women 7.5, AU Women 7.5

adidas size UK 5.5 (US Mens 6) equivalent to EU 38, US Women 8, AU Women 8

adidas size UK 6 (US Mens 6.5) equivalent to EU 38.5, US Women 8.5, AU Women 8.5

adidas size UK 6.5 (US Mens 7) equivalent to EU 39, US Women 9, AU Women 9

adidas size UK 7 (US Mens 7.5) equivalent to EU 40, US Women 9.5, AU Women 9.5

adidas size UK 7.5 (US Mens 8) equivalent to EU 41, US Women 10, AU Women 10

I hope you found this sizing information helpful. I expect the popularity of the adidas Samba sneakers will continue for the rest of the year.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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