Hitting the Reset Button and Feeling Motivated Again

petite woman in activewear in blog post sharing lululemon leggings and feeling motivated again

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It’s been almost a month since I’ve hit the reset button and I wanted to share my thoughts now that I’ve reestablished my healthy habits again. Before that, I wasn’t eating or sleeping well, had little to no energy and I was really lacking the motivation to get out of bed and start my day. Both my body and mind weren’t in a positive place and I was desperate to get myself back onto a path that I was happy with.

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It all stemmed from the fact that I haven’t been properly exercising or eating a nutritious diet that I felt good about. The last time I felt fit and happy with my body was before I had kids – over 6 years ago – and since then I’ve fallen far off the healthy train and into a place I didn’t want to be. While it’s only been a month since I’ve made changes, this new mindset has worked wonders for my mental and physical health and I feel like I’m on the path to becoming the best version of me once again.

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When you read the routines of successful women, there are recurring themes of waking early, prioritising health and fitness and sticking to a nutritious and balanced diet. Because it is important. It can set the tone for your entire day. When I’ve exercised in the morning, I feel motivated and determined to continue this productivity into the rest of my day. While it’s not easy to prioritise if you’ve got kids, where there’s a will there’s a way. I use flexible work to my advantage and on the days I work from home, I’ll use the time that I would have ordinarily taken to get ready and do a 30 minute workout. On the days I’m in the office, I’ll go for a walk around the harbour during my lunch break.

I’ll spare you the intricate details of everything I’m doing, but one significant change that has really contributed to my overall happiness is the fact that I’m not tracking my weight. We don’t have scales in the house (they were a casualty when we moved house over a year ago – a blessing in disguise!) and so rather than pin my progress to a number on a scale (which had been really disheartening for me in the past), I am simply exercising and eating healthy in order to feel good. It has made such a difference!

I’ve treated myself to some new activewear bits recently and I’ve summarised those in my latest video over on my YouTube channel. I had a lot of fun putting this video together and sharing my honest experience shopping in-store at lululemon. Hot damn their in-store customer service is intense – if it wasn’t for their amazing leggings, I wouldn’t have persevered!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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