Reformation Dress Try-On – Keep or Return? Help!

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We did it! We’ve emerged from lockdown! We can see friends! …family! …the hairdresser! (I’ve never been so excited to pay my hairdresser a visit!) While it’s a bit premature to plan outfits for all these post-lockdown events that I’m assuming I’m going to get invited to (and if not, will gate crash 😎), I’ve been finding it hard to stay away from the dress section of Net-a-Porter, specifically Reformation – I think their designs are so playful and feminine.  I had a moment of weakness last week and which resulted in two dresses turning up on my doorstep for me to try. Oops. (But also, yay!)

Reformation Twilight Dress (sz US 4), Sarah Flint sandals* (discount code here)

I got my first taste of Reformation a couple of months back when I picked up this dress.  I find the cut of their dresses really flattering on my body shape.  I’m petite and pear-shaped and I’m most conscious about my body in the hip area (which is still cuddly two years after giving birth) as well as my thighs which seem to have taken the full brunt of lockdown chocolate consumption.  These dresses are magical!  They’re slim on the waist but relaxed on the hips, meaning all those post-birth/lockdown chocolate wobbles remain concealed! 

(And just a quick note on my body hang-ups, I’ve had my moments where I’ve really struggled with my shape, but I’ve learnt to combat this by dressing for my shape and accepting all that my body has done. That said, I’ve developed healthier habits during these last few weeks of lockdown which have been a real mood booster. When I’m comfortable, I’ll share all the things I’ve been doing 🙂 )

Reformation Meadows Dress (sz S), Sarah Flint sandals* (discount code here)

While I picked up two dresses this time round – the Reformation Twilight Dress and the Meadows Dress – I’m not planning on keeping both as I can’t justify it! (I do love both but I am trying to be conscious with my shopping and the needs of my wardrobe) That said, they’re so good that I figured they deserved a bit of air time on the blog – just in case you’re looking to refresh the dresses in your wardrobe too.  (And don’t ask me which one I’m going to keep – the current poll I’m running on IG where over 5000 of you have voted is sitting at 50-50! Helpful, much?!) 

What do you think?! Which dress should I hang on to?!

Meanwhile, my first day of freedom is going great. Just another day of WFH while it rains outside – no different to being locked-down 😜 If I’m honest, it might take me some time to emerge fully. Transitioning to normal life is a bit daunting to tell you the truth. I hope you’re all keeping well and staying positive.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Here’s a try-on of things I bought from Mango, and here’s another try-on from Sezane! (Lockdown has been the cause of lots of shopping ‘accidents’)


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