Everlane Studio Bag Review – Sizing, Quality and Comparison with the Celine Sangle

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Late last year, I shared an amazing dupe for my beloved Celine Sangle Bag – the Everlane Studio Bag.  I was only able to go by pictures and feedback that you sent to me, but the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  So naturally, I had to get my hands on one to try it out for myself and I’ve since added not one, but two of the bags to my collection – Olive and Light Taupe.  

I thought I’d share my thoughts on the bag now that I’ve had it for a while, as well as a comparison between the Everlane and Celine bags – given their striking resemblance. 

In a snapshot, the Everlane Studio Bag retails for $275 USD (~ $380 AUD) and is made in Italy from 100% leather.  It’s offered in four colours – black, cognac, olive and light khaki.  Since its release last year it has completely sold out three times, but fear not, it gets restocked periodically because it is so popular!  

L: Everlane bag*, Toteme jacket, Country Road knit (sz XS), Viktoria & Woods skirt (sz 1 – sold out), Sarah Flint pumps* (review and discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Everlane bag*, Everlane knit* (sz XS), Gucci belt (review here), Everlane trousers* (sz 2, Short), Sarah Flint pumps* (review and discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Design & Sizing

As per Everlane’s minimal aesthetic, the Studio bag is simple and classic in design.  It’s a bucket style bag with one main compartment, an internal pocket (that is both a zip and slip pocket), and an external pocket on the front.  The thick strap can be adjusted to at least 5 different lengths for comfort and is made of the same leather as the bag.  

There is a clasp closure on the bag (though I can’t say I’ve ever really used this) and the bag has a microsuede lining.  Notably, the exterior leather is smooth and soft.  While the bag has more of a relaxed shape, the base of the bag is structured enough that it can sit up on its own.  It’s quite important to me whether a larger bag can sit up on its own as the last thing I want is for it to topple over with all my things in it. 

The bag comes in the one size and is a great practical everyday size.  It fits a 13” laptop with no issues, with room for the other bits and bobs that I take when I’m out and about. 

L: Everlane bag*, Everlane dress* (sz XS – review here), Sarah Flint flats* (review & discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Everlane bag*, Toteme jacket (sold out, similar here), Everlane knit* (sz XS), Everlane pants* (sz 2, Short), Sarah Flint flats* (review & discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Comparison between the Celine Seau Sangle Bag and the Everlane Studio Bag

Both bags easily fit a 13” laptop and are functional by nature because of their respective large main compartments.  I really like the functionality of the external pocket on the Studio Bag – it’s great for quickly accessing my phone, keys and face mask.  And while there are external flat pockets on the Sangle Bag, I do tend to put my phone and keys in the large internal compartment because the external pockets are flatter and don’t seem as secure.  

In terms of their shoulder straps, the Celine Sangle comes with a thick fabric strap that cannot be adjusted while the Everlane Studio has an adjustable leather strap.  Aesthetically, I do love the Sangle’s strap – it’s unlike any strap on the bags in my collection.  Comfort-wise, it’s hard to tell them apart when worn, but if I had to choose, the Sangle wins by a smidge as it’s less likely to dig into my shoulders.  Practically speaking, the leather strap is obviously going to be more durable. 

Everlane Studio Bag & Celine Seau Sangle Bag

Something that is worth noting on each of the bags are their closures.  I’ve never been a fan of the Sangle’s hook closure (and consequently don’t use it) but I’m also not so keen on the Studio Bag’s snap closure either.  When I do wear either of the bags, they sit neatly under my arm and so I’m not particularly worried about the exposure of any of my belongings.  But I do note this in case security is a concern, as you may want to think twice about the style.  

In terms of overall shape, the Sangle bag is thicker than the Studio Bag on its side and I do like the more compact shape of the latter which might come down to the fact that I’m petite.   

And because I get asked this a lot, if I were to pick one over the other, I do ultimately prefer the Celine Sangle. It’s quintessentially a minimal Philo design and I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for her bags.  The textured and grainy leather is beautifully supple and I prefer its overall aesthetic.  Despite this, I still really enjoy the Studio Bag and have it in a couple of different colours to expand my bucket bag options.  And because the majority of my designer bags are black, I tend to opt for colourful high street bags so that I can mix and match with other tones in my wardrobe.  

everlane studio bag in light taupe and olive in blog spot about everlane studio bag review

Everlane Studio Bag in Light Taupe & Olive

The Verdict

The Everlane Studio Bag is an excellent bag – it’s a great size, well made and it’s a practical choice with its comfortable strap.  It transitions well from work to weekend thanks to its relaxed and simple design.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I like to keep things minimal in the accessories department and for day-to-day use, the less logos the better.  

Would I recommend the bag? Absolutely. This bag checks all the boxes for me.  And for a well made leather bag at $275 USD / $380 AUD?  It’s a steal.

L: Everlane bag*, Toteme jacket (sold out, similar here), Arket tee (sz S), The Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Sarah Flint flats* (review & discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: Everlane bag*, Reiss blazer (sold out, similar here), Arket tee (sz S), Everlane trousers* (sz 2, Short), Sarah Flint pumps* (review and discount code here), Ray Ban sunglasses

As always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I’ve written my fair share of bag reviews and you can have a read of them all here.


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