Five Pieces From Your Wardrobe to Purge Before Returning to the Office

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Let’s face it, your wardrobe is likely housing a few pieces that you will just never wear again.  And with our work wardrobes transitioning to more relaxed dress codes in light of current times, now’s as good a time as any to get rid of them – for good.  I’ve been no stranger to a wardrobe purge with all of this extended time at home.  While I used to hang on to a lot of office “standbys”, lately it doesn’t make sense to hang onto them anymore.  

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I appreciate everyone’s clothing needs are different, but there are some pieces that you should think twice about keeping before calling it a day on your wardrobe purge.  And I’m here to help you identify the pieces that are no longer serving you.  

So, here are five items that you should toss – and what you should replace them with!

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#1 – The trousers you were meant to fix over a year ago

During one of my many purges last year, I got rid of a pair of pants that I had earmarked for the tailor before I fell pregnant over 4 years ago.  While I didn’t forget about them, they weren’t high on my priority list to fix, and so I just hung onto them.  You can call that dedicated, but I realised that if I kept putting off a trip to the tailor for them, it wasn’t worth taking up the wardrobe space.  Instead I’ve added plenty of comfortable pants to my wardrobe that fit me well and don’t require the extra effort of visiting a tailor!

#2 – The dress that doesn’t quite sit right

I’m sure we’ve all held onto a dress that doesn’t quite sit right… to have it sit in your wardrobe never to be worn again.  Well, no more!  Give that dress a better life with someone who will actually wear it, and replace it with something that sits right and is flattering on you.  

#3 – That fitted skirt that looked amazing when you were two sizes smaller

Sure, it looked great when you were a smaller size, but why have it hanging in your wardrobe taunting you on the off-chance that you’ll one day go back to that shape?  I say ditch that unnecessary pressure and replace it with a flattering skirt that suits you now!  I had a whole heap of fitted clothes that I loved wearing before having kids and I just clung to them in the hopes that I would get back to my pre-pregnancy body again.  I realised how unhappy it was making me feel to open my wardrobe every day and be greeted by clothing that was too small for me – so out it went, and replaced with clothes that actually fit my new body. 

#4 – The blazer that doesn’t sit right on the shoulders

You know the one I’m talking about – it looks great on the hanger, and amazing on the model.  And you forked out some decent coin to buy it, so it’s only right to hang onto it, right?  Not really. If you don’t feel your best in it, then you should replace it with something that fits you properly.  These days, it’s so easy to get a blazer that fits, the high street and high end have plenty of options for you to try and test.

#5 – That really cute looking knit… that actually doesn’t keep you that warm

Haven’t we all made this error?  Instead of buying a properly warm jumper, we opt for a cute one instead… that’s not actually fit for purpose.  In years past, I bought plenty of heavy (predominantly polyester) knits that looked great for the first few wears but didn’t keep me warm.  After a wash or two, they would age terribly, and never reached for again.  Instead, replace them with good quality knits derived from natural fibres like wool.  I love my cashmere knits and haven’t looked back! 

So what are you waiting for?  Head straight to your wardrobe and say goodbye to those pieces.  And for tips on how best to recycle the pieces that you’re culling, you can read my step-by-step guide here

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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