Five Alternatives to Skinny Jeans

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If you’ve grown weary by the ongoing feud between Millennials and Gen Z over jeans, what emojis are considered cool and where to part your hair, you are not alone. As a Millennial who parts their hair to the side and continues to use these emojis – 👌 & 😭 – I can hand on heart say that no matter how hard Gen Z campaign, I’m not going to quit my skinny jeans!!

Perhaps that makes me a fuddy duddy, but I just don’t ever see skinny jeans not forming part of my wardrobe staples. That said, with the movement towards more relaxed silhouettes these days, I have enjoyed branching out and wearing different cuts that are rising in popularity. There are some styles that I feel are beyond me (and that I’m just not cool enough to pull off!), but in playing around with more relaxed silhouettes lately, I’ve found styles that have become wardrobe staples and complement my existing wardrobe seamlessly.

Behold, my five alternatives to skinny jeans, as tried and tested by yours truly.

#1 – Relaxed Crop Trousers

The Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Totême Houndstooth Annecy Coat (sz XS) – also available at Matches & Farfetch, Country Road knit (sz XS), Celine bag (review here), Sarah Flint pumps* (review here – use ‘SARAHFLINT-BAWHATVEEWORE’ FOR $50 USD off your first pair), Gucci belt (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses

I’m such a fan of this style and I have these in two colours (and counting!). The pleat front detail means they’re dressy enough to wear to the office but I also love wearing them with a tee and sneakers on the weekend. If you’re in the hunt for a similar style, I’d recommend finding a high-waisted pair – ticking both the comfort and style boxes.

#2 – Straight Leg Crop

Everlane trousers* (sz 2, Short), Toteme jacket (via Vestiaire Co), Everlane sweatshirt* (sz XS), Celine bag (review here), Sarah Flint pumps* (review here – use ‘SARAHFLINT-BAWHATVEEWORE’ FOR $50 USD off your first pair), Gucci belt (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Another pair of trousers that I have in multiple colours are these straight leg crops from Everlane. I fell in love with them after trying them on because they were the perfect length from the get-go (I’m 5’2″ and almost always have to hem trousers!). They come in a variety of classic hues designed for the everyday.

#3 – Wide Leg Denim

Everlane trousers* (sz 2), Celine bag (review here), Dior slingbacks (preloved here), Everlane knit*, Ray Ban sunglasses

I never thought I’d dabble in wide leg trousers but I’ve really loved wearing this pair. They’re a cropped wide leg, but surprise surprise, they sit full length on me. Thankfully they didn’t require a visit to the tailor as I simply fold them up once to wear and they work. While this is a more trendy silhouette, I don’t particularly find these to be trendy which I think comes down to the crisp white that makes these so classic. There are a heap of distressed wide leg trousers out there right now but I much prefer the clean look of this version.

#4 – Straight Leg Denim

straight leg jeans in blog post about alternatives to skinny jeans

Everlane jeans*, Totême Houndstooth Annecy Coat (sz XS) – also available at Matches & Farfetch, Everlane cashmere knit* (sz XS), Gucci belt (review here), R.M. Williams Boots, Celine bag (review here, affordable dupe here), Ray Ban sunglasses

While I’ll always remain faithful to my skinny jeans, I’ve really loved adding my straight leg jeans to my denim rotation. In the past year alone, I’ve added several styles to my wardrobe as I find them incredibly comfortable and easy to style. I always pick a high-waisted style and love that they’re still a slim cut (without putting you in the Gen Z firing line!).

#5 – Tailored Straight Leg Trousers

tailored trousers in blog post with alternatives to skinny jeans

Everlane loafers* styled with Sarah Lloyd blazer* (sz 8 – use WVW20 for 20% off), Arket t-shirt (sz S), Sarah Lloyd trousers* (sz 10 – use WVW20 for 20% off), Celine bag (review here, preloved here and here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Finally, it’s hard to go past a tailored straight cut pant, and a black one no less. A conservative style staple that can do no wrong. What I love about black trousers is that they are true style chameleons. They’re not afraid of being styled with edgier pieces like a chunky boot but look just as fresh with a strappy heeled sandal.

Skinnies will always have a special place in my heart, but I hope I’ve inspired you with some additional styles with my alternatives to skinny jeans.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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