The Curated Tailored Coat Review: Sizing & Comparison With Other Iconic Camel Coats

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It’s hard to go past a great camel coat.  You know the one – that perfect shade of brown that magically goes with everything in your wardrobe and fits you perfectly.  It’s the outerwear staple that does it all – it can be dressed up or down, it’s timeless and it looks expensive.  And if you’ve yet to invest in your own camel coat, you need to hurry on up and get aboard this train! 

The Curated coat* (sz XS – classic version linked), Everlane knit* (sz XS), Everlane jeans*, The Fold London loafers*, Celine bag (review here), Gucci belt (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses

It has been a few months since I’ve added The Curated’s Tailored Coat to my wardrobe.  I received the coat in the height of summer last November having placed my order a few months before in August, so not only was there a big build up, but you can imagine how excited I am now that the temperature has dropped here in Sydney! And now that I’ve had a chance to wear the coat properly, I wanted to share my thoughts on how I’ve been getting on with it.  I’m always fielding questions every time I feature the coat on my Instagram feed or stories, so writing a comprehensive review was a no-brainer. 

I’ve got the Tailored Coat in Camel in a size XS. The style is currently being reworked but the Classic Coat in Camel (made of the same fabric with a slightly straighter cut) is available.  The coat is made of a double-faced cashmere wool blend (70% merino wool, 30% cashmere) and it retails for $675 AUD ($440 USD) – a steal for a cashmere coat.  It also comes in bone, charcoal and black.  

the curated tailored coat review

The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic version linked) styled with Everlane knit* (sz XS), Everlane jeans*, The Fold London loafers*, Ray Ban sunglasses


Style-wise, the Tailored Coat is cut to an A-line silhouette, features an elegant neckline with slim lapels, side pockets and fitted sleeves.  It’s one of the more dressier coats from their collection which is what drew me to the design in the first place, as I wanted a coat that was dressy enough to wear to the office.  The sleeves are the most fitted out of all their coats on offer and the side pockets are more subtle (as opposed to the patch pockets on their Classic Coat and Boyfriend Coat).  

The Curated have since released a new Slim Tailored Coat where the cut has been altered to be more straight and less A-line.  Personally, I love the A-line silhouette of the original Tailored Coat as it drapes and “swishes” when worn (technical term, I know 🙈), but I can certainly see a place for a more slim line cut for those not willing to play with proportions as much.  

The coat comes with a matching belt and two swatches of fabric so you have the option of sewing on belt loops if you’re so inclined.  Personally, I don’t think the belt loops are necessary for wearing the coat belted, but I’ve stored the swatches in a safe place in case I do change my mind.  

the curated tailored coat worn on petite woman wearing karen millen forever dress in blog post of comprehensive review

L: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Karen Millen dress (sz 8), Dior slingbacks, Celine bag (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Reiss knit (sz S), Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci belt (review here), Dior slingbacks, Celine bag (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses


I opted for a size XS, which is also the size I have in my Modern Coat.  I think the size XS is ideal for me – I’m 5’2” (158cm) and typically wear a size AU 8 / US 2 in clothing.  It looks great with a light layer underneath but there’s ample room to layer a chunky knit underneath on those chillier days.  

The coat sits and drapes nicely on my body and while the arms are a tad long by a couple of centimetres, it doesn’t really bother me and I haven’t thought it necessary to pay a visit to my tailor to have them taken up.  

About The Curated

I’ve previously reviewed a coat from The Curated on my blog before – the Modern Coat in Light Khaki – where I also shared a bit of background about The Curated’s sustainable production ethos.  It’s worthwhile touching on those points again briefly for those of you who aren’t familiar, as the sustainable production that is at the core of the business is a refreshing change from the practices of a lot of fashion labels.  

The brand’s clothing items are made from leftover fabric remnants.  It means quantities are limited and their pieces almost always sell out.  Aside from the sustainable business focus, The Curated is also refreshingly transparent about its pricing.  Nicola Harlem, the founder of the sustainable luxury label, discloses the components that go into the mark-up of her coats.  And over on her Instagram stories, she shares a lot of behind the scenes information about the process of designing and producing The Curated’s pieces.  As a consumer, I feel like I’ve been brought along for the whole journey, and in turn, it makes me cherish my coat even more.  

the curated tailored coat review

L: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Everlane sweater* (sz XS), Dr Denim Jeans* (sz S), Gucci belt (review here), M&S mules*, Celine bag (review here); Ray Ban sunglasses R: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Everlane knit* (sz XS), Nobody Denim jeans* (similar here), Sarah Flint pumps* (review and discount code here), Celine bag (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Comparison with other iconic camel coats

There are a fair few cult favourites when it comes to camel coats.  And a Max Mara coat is arguably the most iconic out of the lot.  So I thought it would be worthwhile to pay a visit to Max Mara and see what all the fuss is about and try on their coats to see how they fair in comparison to The Curated’s.  

In store, I tried on both the Max Mara Manuela Coat as well as the S MaxMara Elena Coat.  The Elena coat is very similar in cut to The Curated’s Tailored Coat.

Here’s my comparison between the three coats:   

The Curated CoatS Max Mara Elena CoatMax Mara Manuela Coat
70% Merino Wool, 30% Cashmere100% Double Faced Virgin WoolPure camel hair coat
Wide lapel collar with side pocketsWide lapel collar with side pocketsWide lapel collar with side pockets
Offered in camel, bone, charcoal, blackOffered in camel, navy and maroonOffered in Camel, Navy, Black and Red
No belt loops, comes with beltBelt loops, comes with beltNo belt loops, comes with belt 
Wraparound closureWraparound closureWraparound closure
$675 AUD$2,085 AUD$4,085 AUD

L: S Max Mara Elena Coat (similar here); Max Mara Manuela Coat

The Manuela Coat is made of camel hair, so I appreciate that it’s not a like-for-like comparison.  But the S MaxMara Elena Coat is a very similar style to The Curated’s Tailored Coat.  While it felt very soft to the touch, it’s not as soft as cashmere-merino blend used by The Curated.  The cashmere makes a huge difference.  

I also own a Totême Annecy Coat, and while I don’t have it in camel, the fabric composition of the houndstooth version that I have is the same and it’s a blend of 90% wool and 10% cashmere.  The Annecy Coat costs twice as much as the Tailored Coat by the Curated but the latter again wins when it comes to fabric softness and quality.

L: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Arket tee (sz S), The Frankie Shop trousers (sz S), Gucci belt (review here), Atmos & Here Sandals, Celine bag (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses; R: The Curated Coat* (sz XS – classic style linked), Everlane knit dress* (sz XS), Sandler pumps*, Celine bag (review here), Ray Ban sunglasses

Final thoughts

This is the kind of coat that will never date.  It’s elegant and timeless in its design and the quality is impeccable.  The coat is lightweight and luxuriously soft, thanks to the higher proportion of cashmere in the fabric.  If you have the means, I’d highly recommend a coat from The Curated.  It’s great value for a cashmere coat that is well made and will last you for many years.  

If you have any questions, feel free to pop them into the comments below. Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. My first impressions of the Totême Annecy Coat and a Gucci belt try-on and comparison between the different widths.



  1. Irene A Kung
    May 21, 2021 / 7:55 am

    Great review. How does the Nanushka Alamo coat compare with the Curated Classic Coat? Both are similar in style, with a slight difference in material composition. Thank you.

    • May 27, 2021 / 7:47 pm

      Thanks! The Nanushka coat is much more oversized in comparison and because I’m on the petite side, I prefer silhouette of The Curated coat =)

  2. tiffany
    June 4, 2021 / 9:12 pm

    Thank you for your detailed review and it was very useful. However, i really want to know that why you chose tailored one over the classic one by the curated. Is there any specific reason?

    • June 6, 2021 / 5:13 pm

      I chose the Tailored over the Classic as I wanted something dressier that I could also wear to the office. I also like how the sleeves are slimmer than those on the classic.

    December 23, 2021 / 2:47 am

    Hello Victoria, great post of comparison :-). May I know what size of Max Mara Manuela that you tried on?

    • December 26, 2021 / 3:45 pm

      Thanks! I tried the size 36 in the Manuela Coat.

  4. Sus
    July 21, 2022 / 9:41 pm

    The classic coat is so chic!! I can’t find it on the website though, has it been discontinued?

    • July 25, 2022 / 3:01 pm

      i think you’re right – it might not be available right now while the design is being re-worked!

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