Celine Pico Belt Bag – the Newest (and Tiniest) Addition to the Belt Bag Family

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I’ve made it no secret that my Celine Mini Belt Bag is one of my most favoured bags for work.  It is a beloved addition to my Celine Bag collection which I personally find to be equal parts functional and beautiful.  One of the reasons why I enjoy using it so much is that it fits all my daily essentials making it a very practical size.  Contrary to its name, the mini size is the largest size of the range and was the first size offered by Celine over six years ago, when the Belt Bag was introduced.  Since its release, Celine have gradually released smaller versions of the bag – the micro, the nano and the newest addition to the family introduced last year – the pico.  

Celine Pico Belt Bag, The Fold London top* (sz UK 8), The Fold London trousers* (sz UK 8), Nicholas Kirkwood loafers

Given I have the largest size available, I found it really amusing when I first saw the pico in store.  It is teeny tiny in comparison!  I thought I would share my thoughts on the new Celine Pico Belt Bag given I am such a fan of the overall aesthetic of the Belt Bag. 

Celine Mini Belt Bag (review here), Celine Pico Belt Bag, The Fold London top* (sz UK 8), The Fold London trousers* (sz UK 8), Nicholas Kirkwood loafers

Sizing across the Belt Bags

Image via Celine

From L to R:

Pico Belt Bag – 16cm x 15cm

Nano Belt Bag – 20cm x 20cm

Micro Belt Bag – 24cm x 20 cm

Mini Belt Bag – 28cm x 23 cm

The pico bag is small, but it’s a functional size for running errands.  I popped my phone into the bag when in store (an iPhone XS) and it fit comfortably with ample room for my card holder and keys.  I’ve been long using my Celine Small Trio Bag as my errand running bag and I would say that the capacity of the Pico Belt Bag is less than that of the Trio, roughly around two of the Trio’s pouches. The Pico is priced at $2,550 AUD ($1,850 USD / £1,300 GBP) in comparison to the Trio which has an asking price of $1,550 AUD ($1,250 USD / £790 GBP).

L: Pico vs Mini; R: Pico vs Nano Luggage vs Medium Classic Box

While I think the pico bag is very cute, it remains my personal preference that #biggerisbetter when it comes to the Belt Bag design, particularly because I find the overall aesthetic to be dressier and sophisticated. That said, budget permitting, the pico size would make a lovely addition to your off-duty wardrobes, particularly if you enjoy wearing more elevated looks. It comes in a suite of amazing colours (like taupe and acai) that are all beautifully paired with the gold-toned hardware.

So what do you think of the pico size? Are you a fan? And have you got one already? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks again for stopping by.

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