Designer Bag Inserts That Won’t Break the Bank

For someone who loves a designer handbag… (or several 🙈), I didn’t quickly hop onto the “bag insert train”. I think it came down to the fact that I didn’t know any better and accepted that bags were a bit of a dumping ground of the day’s essentials. You know how it is – old receipts, hair ties, pen lids – it can get pretty unruly!

It was only since adding the Celine Sangle Bag to my collection that I had cause to reconsider my position on handbag organisers.   The Sangle is a large bucket-style bag with one main compartment making conditions ripe for a good ol’ rummage when needing to find something. But the main reason why I thought a bag insert was necessary was my concern that the bag would lose its shape when not being used, thanks to its softer calfskin leather. And if, like me, you wear your bags for years and years, you’ll know first hand how keeping a bag’s shape is imperative to its longevity – so the hunt was on for a solution.

It shocked me to find that most of the popular felted bag inserts in the market are upwards of $100 each. For what they are, they can be really pricey – even with seasonal promotions and discount codes! Thankfully, I found an Etsy seller that makes the felt bag liners and offers them at roughly half the cost (including postage). The seller makes bag inserts for all the popular designer bags – including Celine, Chanel, LV and Dior. I’ve linked some popular ones below.

I’ve now happily got bag inserts in both my Celine Belt Bag and my Celine Sangle Bag and not only are the items in my bag well organised, I can rest assured that my bags will retain their shape when not in use.

You can shop the designer bag inserts here.

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