Why I Decided to Part Ways with my Prada Saffiano Double Tote

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This year has been… well, a lot. We’re (thankfully) nearing the end of 2020 which means a fresh start is just beyond the horizon. With 2020 playing out the way it has, and with all the increased time at home, rather than waiting until Spring for reminders about a good ol’ Spring Clean, I’ve found I’ve been assessing my wardrobe on an almost weekly basis by tidying things up, clearing things out, and reflecting on the things that I need to make me happy.

Scanlan Theodore jacket (sz XS – currently unavailable – similar here), Scanlan Theodore skirt (similar here), Vince Camuto heels (sold out, similar high vamp style here), Prada bag

I talk a lot about luxury bags here on my blog – mainly about wearing them and buying them. (And I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to luxury goods, I’m far more comfortable being a customer than a seller!) With their hefty price tags, buying a luxury handbag is always a big deal. But, as I’ve experienced over the years, and more recently in the past few weeks, letting go of a designer bag is a pretty major decision as well.

Personally, I like to consider myself as someone who thinks their purchases through and conducts the necessary due diligence before biting the bullet. It is my hard-earned money after all, and I want to my purchases to go the distance. But I’m a realist in that I know my tastes will evolve, as the years have shown, and it’s only natural to part ways with items as part of the process. While it’s relatively easy for me to clear out clothing from my wardrobe, it’s a different story when it comes to letting go of a luxury bag. Having recently sold my Prada Saffiano Double Bag, I thought I’d let you in on my thought process before making the decision to keep or sell a bag.

selling designer bag tips

Scanlan Theodore jacket (sz XS – currently unavailable – similar here), Scanlan Theodore skirt (similar here), Vince Camuto heels (sold out, similar high vamp style here), Prada bag

I added the Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag in blue to my collection over six years ago and in the first few years with the bag, it was my everyday work bag. The compartments in the bag made it very easy to use and if you’ve had any experience with Prada’s saffiano leather, you’ll know that it’s amazingly hardwearing and durable.

Over the years as my bag collection grew, I hadn’t been reaching for the bag as much as I had hoped. My personal style has also evolved and in recent years, I’ve enjoyed wearing a palette of neutral tones. I found that when I did reach for the bag, the blue of the bag didn’t perfectly match with my ensemble and I always ended up switching it out for one of my black bags.

I’ve always considered the Double Bag to be a classic, (it is part of Prada’s permanent line after all), which added to my initial reluctance to let it go knowing that I could very well be reaching for the bag in years to come. That said, I wasn’t wedded to the idea of keeping a bag for that very purpose.  While I have a healthy bag collection, I’m not a handbag collector in the sense that I display them.  The bags are stored in a closed cupboard when not in use (and mainly to protect them from my toddler’s sticky fingers!).

Scanlan Theodore jacket (sz XS – currently unavailable – similar here), Scanlan Theodore skirt (similar here), Vince Camuto heels (sold out, similar high vamp style here), Prada bag

Deciding whether to keep vs sell

So, here are the answers to the questions I posed to myself when it came to deciding whether to keep or sell my Prada bag:

  • Do I have other bags in my collection that are of a similar aesthetic and perform a similar function? (Yes. I have several medium capacity shoulder bags and totes.)
  • Have I reached for the bag in the last 12 months? (No.)
  • Do I love the bag enough to keep it even though I won’t use it often? (Unfortunately, not anymore.)
  • Do I have enough room to keep the bag even though it won’t be used often? (No.)

And just like that, I took the necessary steps to sell the bag and promptly dropped the bag into Trading In Style, a luxury consignment store based in Sydney.  A lot of you have asked me why I don’t sell bags directly on my blog or on Instagram, and for me, I would prefer to forego a chunk of the resell cost to not have to haggle or answer questions.  I’ve found that to be quite time consuming and not the best use of my energy these days. The ladies at Trading In Style have a broad customer base and cycle through secondhand luxury goods on a daily basis so it was a bit of a no-brainer for me.

I’d love to hear what you take into consideration before making the decision to sell one of your designer bags. This is the second handbag that I’ve sold in a period of three months (I let go of my Celine Luggage Tote a few months ago and shared my thought process here) and I’ve reached a point of “purse peace” where I’m content with all the bags my collection – it’s a really nice feeling.

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