Gift Guide for Kids

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Out of all the people I need to buy gifts for this year, I get the most joy buying presents for the kids! I still get excited walking into toy stores and now that I can walk through a toy store equipped with the buying power that I longed for as a kid, it’s like I’m fulfilling my own childhood fantasies! Another plus to gift giving to our kids is that we tend to benefit from the presents we give to them… particularly in the games department!  😂

For this gift guide, I’ve been heavily inspired by items that we’ve given to the boys or that we Santa 😉  will be giving to them this year (our older two, 11 and 8, have developed a healthy skepticism but the dream is still alive for our younger two, 3 and 1). I hope that some of these gift ideas will give you some inspiration.

Miniature versions of popular adult shoes

There’s something irresistible about miniature versions of shoes that are popular with the adults. They make the best gifts (though I’m pretty certain that it’ll be the adults getting the most enjoying out of them!).

Educational toys

Imaginative play

Fun for the whole family

  • Risk – we just bought this for our 11 year old for his birthday and have already spent hours over the weekends playing it! Such a good board game!
  • Nintendo Switch – honestly the best console there is! Favourites at our place include Mario Kart, Mario Party & Luigi’s Mansion
  • Monopoly Deal – so much fun and quick to play! We always manage one or two games a night with the older two boys before they go to bed

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