Wardrobe Edits I Made in my 30s

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It’s only natural for your style to evolve as you get older.  And while there are certain wardrobe staples that transcend time, lots of others are naturally cast aside as you mature.  My style has certainly changed since I turned 30, and while age is just a number, I’ve found that as time passes, there are things that I wore in my 20s that I simply don’t want to wear anymore and that I feel don’t mesh with the rest of my wardrobe.  

Marks & Spencer trench coat* (size AU 6 for reference), Everlane knit*, Everlane jeans*, Marks & Spencer leather mules*, Celine bag (affordable dupe here), Ray Ban sunglasses

That’s not to say that in your 30s, you have to stop having all the fashion fun. On the contrary, I’ve never felt more confident in my personal style! I know the silhouettes that work for me and the pieces that I feel the most comfortable in.

While everyone has a different style aesthetic, here are the 10 items that I’ve ditched and what I’ve since replaced them with:

#1 – Then: low rise jeans | Now: high-rise jeans

I don’t find low-rise jeans to be all that flattering or comfortable for that matter, but I wore them anyway because they were cool. These days, I’m all about the high-rise. And thankfully, I don’t think high rises are going anywhere, and my outfits are so much better for it!

#2 – Then: Ripped denim | Now: non-distressed jeans 

There was a time when distressed denim was a staple for me, but it feels unpolished to me now with my current style aesthetic. I did a big purge of my distressed denim and have since been building a clean denim collection.

#3 – Then: Prints | Now: Block colours

Prints were fun but in light of the style goals that I set for myself, I find block colours and neutrals to have so much more longevity in my wardrobe.

#4 – Then: Ridiculous shoes | Now: Mid-heels / kitten heels

To think of all the pain I subjected my feet to – and for what?! Uncomfortable and awkward leg-spreading walks! These days, mid-heels and kitten heels reign supreme. They look great and most importantly, are walkable.

#5 – Then: Trendy bags | Now: Classic designer bags 

If there’s one thing I would tell my younger self, it would have been to stop spending small amounts of cash on lots of sub-par trendy bags and to save all my pennies for a classic designer bag!

Marks & Spencer trench coat* (size AU 6 for reference), Everlane knit*, Everlane jeans*, Marks & Spencer leather mules*, Celine bag (affordable dupe here), Ray Ban sunglasses

#6 – Then: Short hems | Now: Midi lengths

Short hems were fun in my 20s but these days I prefer keeping a wardrobe of multi-function pieces that are classic and easy to style. I love belted and wrap midi-skirts and dresses that fall just past the knees.

#7 – Less fast fashion 

Naturally, as your career progresses, you might be ready to spend a bit more on wardrobe staples. While I still get my high-street fix, these days I rely much less on fast fashion for my classic pieces. If I do, I look for more premium pieces, such as those made of natural fibres featuring timeless cuts.

#8 – More tailoring – period

Well-tailored outerwear is a must – particularly jackets and coats of which I have a healthy collection. A well-tailored blazer in a classic colour is a must-have addition to your 30s wardrobe. I’ve got jackets in black, navy and grey that have served me for yeeears.

#9 – Then: Logos on tees | Now: Plain tees

No more logos, sayings or graphics on tees for me anymore. While they were cute and quirky, I keep things plain and simple now… and I wear my cat t-shirts to bed instead 😉 This Arket tee has been a real winner for me recently.

#10 – Then: Costume jewellery | Now: Sentimental pieces

I’ve stopped wearing jewellery that turns my skin green and have invested in quality pieces as part of my jewellery rotation. Day-to-day, I mainly stick to the sentimental pieces, like my wedding bands, watch and a necklace my husband designed for me. Your 30s are definitely a time to invest in a classic watch and jewellery that you don’t ever have to take off! If I’m getting dressed up for an occasion, I love the sophistication and simplicity of pearls and might take things up a notch with some gold vermeil pieces.

Have you noticed a shift in your personal style as you’ve gotten older? Let me know!

P.S. The labels to shop in your 30s and style lessons I wish I had learnt before my 30s!


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  1. October 29, 2020 / 11:55 pm

    You’re making me question why I’m doing a lot of these in my 20s. 😛 Loved the blog post!

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