Reiss Shopping Hack – New Season Reiss at a Discount?!

reiss lara dress in blog post about reiss shopping hack

The high street has afforded me many wardrobe favourites that I’ve lovingly worn to work and when off-duty.  Reiss is one of those magical places full of high street gems with an aesthetic not dissimilar to luxury designer fashion.  The quality of their pieces is up there with the highest, particularly in comparison to other high street brands. It does come at a price though, and given the higher price points, I’d place Reiss towards the premium end of the high street scale. 

For those not based in the UK, shopping for Reiss pieces can be an expensive exercise.  Reiss’ online store is no help – items aren’t shipped with delivery duties paid so we’re always met with surprise duty invoices to pay before our parcels are released for delivery, at least that’s how it works for us here in Australia. 

Well, I’ve worked out a neat little shopping hack for fellow non-UK folk seeking to get a fix of new season Reiss at a lower price and without any nasty surprise duties.  Sounds too good to be true right?!

Cue Selfridges – they offer a comprehensive range of Reiss goodies with stellar service to boot.  And the best part? Their prices are significantly lower than those on Reiss’ online store – in fact, around 30-40% lower – not small amounts when it comes to Reiss’ prices.  Selfridges automatically exclude VAT and any relevant import taxes are calculated at checkout so there are no nasty surprises when your order arrives.  Shipping to Australia is £25 which sounds like a lot, but when you take into account the substantial savings you make on the pieces, it still works out to a better saving in the end.  

I’ve featured my edit of the best from Reiss’ new season available from Selfridges, which includes a mix of pieces that I’ve already got in my wardrobe and pieces that are currently on my wish list.  The prices below are in AUD and exclude GST which is calculated at checkout when shopping at Selfridges (It’s worth noting that the prices on Reiss’ online store are also GST exclusive but duties are charged by the relevant delivery service prior to delivery).

Also, I’d recommend subscribing to Selfridges + – their unlimited delivery option. In Australia, this costs $70 for unlimited express deliveries all year. I’ve subscribed since 2019 and it’s great value, particularly when you place more than 2 orders per year.

My top picks from Reiss

#1 – Off-Shoulder Knit in Stone

Selfridges – $215 | Reiss – $310
(30% saving)

reiss shopping hack

I have the dress version in stone, and this top in white. This is the best of both worlds! For reference, I took a size S in this knit and it’s a relaxed fit on me.

#2 – Off-Shoulder Knit Dress in Black

Selfridges – $280 | Reiss – $450
(38% saving)

FYI, here’s my full review of this dress. For reference, I took a size S and I find it to be a relaxed fit on me.

#3 – Belted Knit Dress in Navy

Selfridges – $295 | Reiss – $475
(38% saving)

#4 – Cotton Jersey Tee

Selfridges – $53 | Reiss – $85
(37% saving)

#5 – Double-Breasted Neutral Wool-Blend Blazer

Selfridges – $440 | Reiss – $700
(37% saving)

#6 – Double-Breasted Navy Wool-Blend Blazer

Selfridges – $440 | Reiss – $700
(37% saving)

reiss double breasted blazer in reiss shopping hack post for new season discounted reiss

#7 – Double-Breasted Wool-Blend Blazer

Selfridges – $300 | Reiss – $575
(48% saving)

#8 – Cashmere-Blend Jumper

Selfridges – $295 | Reiss – $475
(38% saving)

#9 – Semi-Sheer Knitted Top

Selfridges – $112 | Reiss – $185
(39% saving)

#10 – Reversible Wool-Blend Coat

Selfridges – $515 | Reiss – $845
(39% saving)

#11 – Wool-Blend Wrap Overcoat

Selfridges – $485 | Reiss – $800
(39% saving)

#12 – Wool-Blend Stand Collar Coat in Navy

Selfridges – $485 | Reiss – $800
(39% saving)

new season reiss at a discount with shopping hack

#13 – Khaki Lightweight Parka

Selfridges – $395 | Reiss – $650
(39% saving)

reiss lightweight khaki parka with shopping hack for discount new season reiss

#14 – White Short Boucle Jacket

Selfridges – $410 | Reiss – $650
(37% saving)

Thanks again for stopping by. Let me know if you’ve taken advantage of this neat little Reiss shopping hack!

P.S. My impressions from my first Arket order and a review of my Karen Millen Forever Dress.



  1. Rebeka
    October 11, 2020 / 5:26 pm

    Love this hack! I have been eyeing the Lara dress off since yoi posted about it but tbh it is very expensive for not being natural fibres. That said, I scored both black and beige for USD205 ea and will see which looks best. Also signed up for the yearly delivery so I hope it will be useful. Thanks for this amazing tip!

    • October 12, 2020 / 2:27 pm

      Great you were able to take advantage of it, and that you’ve signed up to Selfridges + too – a worthwhile investment!
      Oh I know right – it’s an exorbitant price for a piece that lacks natural fibres. The dress is undeniably stylish though – which does make up for it 🙂

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