Most Worn Knitwear Autumn/Winter 2020

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Is there anything more satisfying than popping on a cosy knit jumper? I think not! There’s something about knitwear that is both luxurious and comforting. As a category of clothing, knitwear is as broad as it gets – from chunky roll-necks to fine knit tops – in all silhouettes and price points.

Given the soft spot that I have for winter dressing, I’ll be the first to admit that I have my fair share of knits and coats, particularly for someone who lives in Australia! My knitwear collection takes up a considerable amount of my wardrobe space and there’s a growing pile of folded knitwear that sits beside my bed – I can literally roll out of bed and into a pile of soft cozy knits!

Since March, I’ve pretty much spent the entire A/W 2020 season working from home.  That’s meant a lot of relaxed workwear and plenty of knits.  In fact, I can’t think of a day when I haven’t reached for one! 

Given we’re in our last weeks of winter, I’ll be taking you through my most worn knitwear for 2020 which ranges from luxurious cashmere to cosy mock-neck knits to my statement off-shoulder tops.  

Cashmere knits

everlane cashmere square turtleneck knit, most worn knitwear for autumn and winter styled for work and off-duty

Let’s kick things off with what I consider to be the luxurious and spesh of all my most worn knitwear – my cashmere knits. Incredibly soft and warm, yet lightweight, cashmere often comes with a higher price tag.

The cashmere knits that I’ve been reaching for the most have been:

Both knits have been great work-from-home options and have maintained their softness and cosiness with wear. They both layer really well over tees and under coats and the crew neck in particular looks great when worn on its own as a top. It’s hard to go past Everlane for cashmere which uses certified Grade-A cashmere from Inner-Mongolia, which is more durable, pills less and gets softer over time. I also love Uniqlo’s range (my husband’s cashmere knits are all from there) and can be a steal during their sale period.

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Mock neck merino/babywool knits

navy mock neck babywool top most worn knitwear styled for work and off-duty

In terms of necklines, the mock-neck neckline (neck neck?!) is one that I’ve really enjoyed wearing this Autumn/Winter. It can be best described as a lower cut turtleneck that is less restrictive. I picked up this navy mock neck merino knit from Marks & Spencer a few seasons ago and it remains one of my favourite pieces. As you can see from the looks I’ve featured above, it is both understated and sophisticated. Unfortunately it’s now sold out but there are many mock neck style options that are currently available that I’ve featured below including from Country Road and Everlane.

In terms of fabrication, merino wool tends to be softer and lighter than regular wool varieties and I prefer it from regular wool as the lighter fabrication makes them more versatile to be worn as tops, as opposed to just sweaters.  Similarly, babywool offers a lighter and more sheer option which can look really sophisticated when paired with tailored pieces.

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Off-shoulder knit tops

reiss lorna top most worn knitwear in cream styled with gucci belt and celine belt bag

And last, but certainly not least of this wrap-up of my most worn knitwear for 2020, are the statement pieces that lean more towards the form side of the scale. My Reiss knit has been a favourite this year and it features Reiss‘ iconic off-shoulder cut that is featured in so many of their other knit pieces. I have a size small and I typically rest the knit on my collarbones so that it sits a little higher. You can play around with the neckline and wear it in a way that you prefer – it has the ability to be manoeuvred like that.

That fabric feels luxurious and is a mix of viscose, polyester, nylon and elastane. It has been real joy to wear and the ultimate pick-me-up on days where I’ve felt a bit meh (and there have been many!). The price tag is a bit hard to swallow, particularly for its fabrication, but Reiss sits on the upper end of the high street spectrum and their pieces are very well made, this top being no exception. I also have this top in the dress version in stone, and it has been released again this year which is indicative of how popular it has been.

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A note on caring for your knits 

As with all knitwear, there’s a level of maintenance involved to ensure your knits last. I have a dedicated post about caring for your clothes to ensure they last but in brief:

  • wash by hand or use a delicate cold wash cycle on your machine
  • ensure your knits dry flat and do not put them in the dryer
  • remove any piling gently, either with a comb or a special pill remover
  • don’t hang your knits but fold them to store

And that wraps up my most worn knitwear pieces of 2020! Thanks again for stopping by.

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