Style Diaries: July 2020

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The second round up of a new series where I look back over the past month’s fashion choices and provide a snapshot of the best the month had to offer.

I must admit that I’ve been browsing the sales and online stores much more than I intended to, but thankfully the ‘unexpected’ purchases that I’ve made have all aligned with the style goals that I set myself for the year. Without a doubt, the highlight of this month are the Dior slingbacks that I’ve finally ticked off my wishlist. I’m planning on doing a dedicated blog post on them shortly.

Style favourites

Style posts

The style lessons I wish I’d learnt before my 30s: I reflect on all the things I wish I knew and share some of the mistakes I made as a doe-eyed 20-something year old

Another comprehensive bag review: This time I share my thoughts on my Celine Cabas Tote – a bag that has formed part of my collection for over six years

The versatility of khaki: how I’ve styled it as well as the pieces that you need to test drive the colour for yourself

The designer items on my wishlist: (and I may or may not have purchased the item at the top of my list in the last couple of weeks!)

Finding a work/life balance during lockdown: These unprecedented times call for more self check-ups

The designer purchases that didn’t work for me: What I would have done differently with the benefit of hindsight

Midi skirts and why they work for all seasons: a versatile length that’s great for work and weekend

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