WFH in Reiss + My Oliver Peoples Frames

Reiss Dress, Everlane flats*, Celine Trio

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Without a doubt, my favourite purchase so far this year as been this Reiss dress. As far as knit dresses goes, it’s up there with the best of them – a great off-the-shoulder neckline (that can be manipulated to sit in different ways), a soft but structured rib-knit texture in a classic go-anywhere hue, and a flattering silhouette. It’s priced accordingly too. (Though the black version is significantly less for some reason?) While I envisaged styling this dress in many corporate looks, I’ve still managed to get a bit of wear out of it while working from home. I’ve had my fair share of days of feeling meh, and this dress seems to do the trick to perk me up and boost my confidence.

oliver peoples elyo frames and reiss lara dress

Oliver Peoples Frames

Another rewarding purchase this year have been my Oliver Peoples optical frames. For context, I used to have excellent vision but since returning back to the office late last year after a period of maternity leave to have my youngest, I really struggled with headaches at the end of each work day. I put it down to the fact that I wasn’t used to looking at the screen for that long. But after it persisted for months, I paid a visit to my optometrist who told me that hormonal changes and water retention as a result of pregnancy can cause “refractive error” where your eyes have issues focusing. I did have a scary bout of postpartum preeclampsia after having my first (which is a story for another time) and postpartum vision issues are one of the permanent effects. So here I am, faulty eyes and bigger hips. Thanks a lot kids!

Thankfully, the glasses didn’t take long to get used to and not only have they fixed the vision issues I was experiencing, but I love the style and shape of these frames. They were definitely worth the investment. I get a fair few questions about these frames whenever I’m wearing them on my Instagram stories. For reference, I’m wearing the Elyo style in Charcoal Tortoise. I’ve linked my frames and some similar styles for you to check out if you’re interested:

I hope you’re all keeping safe and well. Thanks again for stopping by.

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