My Entire Coat Collection 2020

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For someone who lives in a subtropical region, I have a pretty solid coat collection. Sydney’s climate is temperate and we enjoy sunny days for most of the year. During our mild winters, temperatures rarely drop below 7 °C (45 °F) during the day so heavy duty layering isn’t always required.

Despite having about 4 1/2 months of the year of A/W dressing, my wardrobe is much more geared to the colder climate – and coats are by far my favourite item of clothing. In my opinion, coats are like shoes – they can make or break an outfit (and you can never have too many!). And while they can be a bit of an investment purchase, I have predominantly looked to the high street for my outerwear fix. When styled with my designer bags and shoes, they can look just as luxe.

You might notice some common themes when browsing through my coat collection – double-breasted styles, belted coats and predominantly neutral tones. I have a few functional coats that I take with me when travelling, such as puffy jackets, but I haven’t included these in this list as they serve more a functional rather than sartorial purpose.

So here they are, in no particular order, my coat collection as at 2020 – prices and all. Where still available, I’ve linked the actual coat otherwise I’ve worked hard at finding a great dupe.

#1 – Brown Melange Wool Coat

Brand – H&M Conscious

Amount paid: $139.00 in February 2020 | Alterations? Yes – sleeves taken up for $60.00 | Total cost: $199.00

Wearing H&M coat (sold out, similar here and here), Reiss dress, Vince Camuto heels (sold out – shop the real deal here), Celine bag
Wearing H&M coat (sold out, similar here and here), Everlane Cashmere knit*, H&M pants, Nike sneakers, Celine bag and RayBan sunglasses

I first saw this coat on Emma Hill’s YouTube channel and it was one of her favourite Autumn purchases. Australian stores always seem to receive pieces 3 – 4 months after their Northern Hemisphere counterparts so you can imagine the excitement when I spotted the coat in H&M after an unplanned browse during my lunch break earlier this year. The colour is a perfect muted brown and I love the oversized cut – one of my most stylish winter coats.

The coat is unfortunately sold out but I’ve found some great options here, here and here.

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#2 – Light Khaki Collarless Duster Coat

Brand – The Curated

Amount paid: PR product (RRP $625.00 AUD / $375.00 USD) | Alterations – None

Wearing The Curated Coat* (AU link / International link) (similar here and affordable dupe here), Nobody Denim Jeans, Acne Studios Scarf, Everlane boots, Celine bag (see my review here), Ray Ban sunnies
stylish winter coats - lighter neutral
Wearing The Curated coat*, Uniqlo knit, Scanlan Theodore skirt, Tony Bianco mules (similar here), Celine bag

This coat is the latest addition to my collection and no stranger to my Instagram feed. I get the most DMs about this coat and so I’ve written a comprehensive review with my thoughts here where I talk about sizing, quality and how I’ve been getting on with it. It’s my only cashmere coat and it is the softest and most luxurious feeling coat in my entire collection.

You can shop the coat here and I’ve found a similar style here (and an affordable option here).

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#3 – Camel Coat

Brand – H&M

Amount paid: $169.00 in April 2018 | Alterations? Yes – sleeves taken up for $60.00 | Total cost: $229.00

stylish winter coats - casual style
Wearing H&M coat (sold out, similar options below), Scanlan Theodore shirt (old season), Nobody Denim jeans, Tony Bianco mules (sold out, similar here), Chanel bag (shop preloved here)
stylish winter coats - camel wrap style and gucci belt
Wearing H&M coat (sold out, options linked below), H&M knit, Scanlan Theodore skirt, Gucci belt, Vince Camuto heels (sold out – shop the real deal here) and Celine bag

There’s nothing quite like a great camel coat. You know the kind – that perfect shade of brown that fits just right and magically goes with everything… it’s the outerwear staple that does it all. For years, I’ve had a MaxMara coat on my wishlist. And while I’m yet to justify the price tag (and don’t really see that happening any time soon!), my H&M coat continues to serve me well after years of wear.

This coat is from a couple of years ago so no longer available but I’ve found a great affordable option here from ASOS, a great quality one from Country Road for my AU/NZ-based friends here and an upper high street option from Reiss.

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#4 – Checked Double-Breasted Coat

Brand – Vero Moda (via ASOS)

Amount paid: $168.00 in December 2016 | Alterations? Yes – sleeves taken up for $60.00 | Total cost: $228.00

stylish coats for winter
Wearing Vero Moda coat (sold out, similar here and here), H&M dress (similar here and here), Christian Louboutin heels, Chanel bag (shop preloved here)

I don’t wear much print but when I do – I’m mad for plaid. The only print coat in my collection, the monochrome makes it easy to wear with… well, pretty much anything.

I purchased this coat during the height of summer here in Australia and while 32 weeks pregnant. A completely frivolous purchase (fuelled by my hormones, I’m sure!), it formed part of the pile of “things-I’m-buying-for-no-good-reason-but-fingers-crossed-they’ll-suit-me-once-I’ve-popped“. Thank goodness it did! (Because there were lots of things that didn’t…)

Here’s a great affordable dupe, here’s an option from Reiss that looks amazing, here’s another option from Reiss (because I’ve got a thing for Reiss at the moment if you couldn’t tell already?!) and here’s one by Isabel Marant that is simply divine.

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#5 – Trench Coat

Brand – Uniqlo

Amount paid – $109.95 (RRP $129.95 – purchased during a promotion in January 2020) | Alterations? None

stylish winter coats trench coat
Wearing Uniqlo trench coat (sold out, similar options below), Marks & Spencer mock neck navy knit* (similar here and here), Ana Pena London Tweed Pencil Skirt*, Vince Camuto heels (sold out – shop the real deal here) and Celine Bag (see my review here)
Wearing Uniqlo trench coat (sold out – similar options below), Nobody Denim Jeans, Marks & Spencer top* (sold out – similar here and here), Everlane flats*, Celine bag (see my review here)

Cue the quintessential A/W staple – the trench coat. While the classic Burberry trench coat has been on my wishlist for the longest time, there are so many great high street options to steal the look for a lot less.

I managed to get mine from Uniqlo during a promotion – it’s a nod to the traditional trench with some modern updates. While it’s now sold out, here’s a great affordable option here from ASOS, a great version from Country Road here, and a designer option here.

Shop trench coats

#6 – Khaki Pea Coat


Amount paid: $780 in November 2016 | Alterations? Yes – sleeves taken up for $60.00 | Total cost: $840

Wearing Reiss coat (sold out – similar here), COS top, Nobody Denim jeans, Everlane boots, Chanel bag (shop preloved here)

And here we have yet another hormone-fuelled purchase made during the third trimester of my pregnancy. I splurged on this coat with absolutely no idea as to whether it would fit me or suit me by the time I gave birth. I can’t be sure but I think I had to pay the import tax on it too? Ouch! But thank goodness I was frivolous! It is one of my favourite coats and it is top quality – as are all Reiss pieces. It’s this lush khaki-grey colour and it’s a tone that goes with everything. I’m not letting go of this piece… ever!

I’ve found a similar style here that you might like to check out.

#7 – Navy Pea Coat


Amount paid: $185.00 in May 2017 (RRP $399 – purchased on sale) | Alterations? Yes – sleeves taken up for $60.00 | Total cost: $245.00

Sportscraft Coat (new season version here), Everlane Knit*, Nobody Denim Jeans, Boots by DuoBoots (similar here)*, Celine Bag (see my review here)

As far as stylish winter coats go, the peacoat reigns supreme. The double-breasted winter staple has stood the test of time and has the ability to make any casual outfit look prim and polished. There are so many options and out there and finding the right one can take a bit of trial and error.

Personally, I think navy peacoats look great on guys. My husband actually got his first. And after seeing him look so effortlessly stylish in his, I had to hunt one down for myself.

For my AU friends, you can shop the new season version of my coat here (on sale too!) and I’ve found an affordable option here.

Shop navy coats

As for other stylish winter coats I’m looking to add to my collection, I’m not really looking to add more at this stage as I recently did a big wardrobe purge and cleared out a few coats in the process (you can read more about the rules I applied here). But if, by chance, I were to stumble upon the perfect charcoal or light grey coat, I would find it difficult to say no!

I hope my coat collection has sparked some inspiration for potential stylish winter coats options to add to your wardrobe.

P.S. The five A/W workwear pieces you need, embracing lighter coloured stylish winter coats and my current favourites from Reiss.


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