Four Outfits for Any Type of Work From Home Day

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I can vouch for the fact that working from home presents its own style challenges.  Before the pandemic, I had a set day each week where I worked from home. And often there were weeks where I needed to increase my remote working days to care for my sick kids that needed to be kept home from daycare.   

Personally, it took me a while to strike the right balance between comfort and function when getting dressed for the day.  While I was at home, I still wanted to feel motivated to tackle my work.   

Social media posts are rife with working from home tips – the most common of these being to get dressed for the day.  It’s valid advice – studies show that what you wear can influence your mindset.  

The style inspiration going round is varied – some people have chosen to maintain their usual work standard and are still donning their power dresses and glamorous make up. Then there are those who have really relaxed their attire and opt to stay in sweat pants all day (I know I’ve taken advantage!).  

While I admit to getting through some WFH days in trackies – typically because I’ve been up a few times the night before tending to unsettled kids – on a well-rested day, I sit somewhere in the middle.

Here’s how I pitch my outfits for these common WFH scenarios:

WFH Scenario #1 – When your day is packed with video conferences

work from home outfits
Reiss blazer, Everlane linen tee, Nobody Denim jeans, Gucci belt, Everlane flats*, Celine bag and Ray Ban sunglasses

My usual combo for these often busy days is to mullet dress – business on top, comfy down the bottom. For me, I typically rely on the failsafe blazer + jeans combo. I’ve made a lot of use out of this linen oatmeal blazer since being at home which I initially purchased to lift my Casual Friday game. And while I appreciate jeans is a bit of effort for some, personally it gives me that extra boost of confidence which I’m not going to pass up if I need to bring my A-Game. (Though it isn’t uncommon for me to change into track pants by the late afternoon!)


WFH Scenario #2 – When you’ve got an insane amount of work to get through

work from home outfits
Volange Paris knit*, Scanlan Theodore belt (sold out, similar here), Uniqlo knit, H&M pants (sold out, similar here), Everlane flats*, Celine bag

On the days where there’s a s##tload of work to get done, my work from home outfits become a balancing act between comfort and function. I typically opt for my favourite knitwear pieces as they’re cosy and soft but still make me feel put together.

I’ve rounded up my go-to WFH knitwear favourites below.


WFH Scenario #3 – When you’ve got no meetings (hurrah!) but you need to be productive

The Frankie Shop tee (similar here), Mango pants, Birkenstock sandals

On the days where there are no video conferences, I go down the more comfortable route and opt for elevated basics – like this tee I’m wearing. It’s these little tweaks that add variety to my WFH outfits, which I’m all about as it gets a little ho-hum staying home all the time.

I’ve talked about this style of t-shirt previously and I’m surprised how much I love it. It’s technically a trend piece but I think it strikes the right balance at being both minimal and functional.


WFH Scenario #4 – When you’re lacking the motivation

Reiss dress, Everlane flats*, Celine bag

I’ve had my fair share of these days, surprisingly more than anticipated. So on days when I feel like just laying in bed and not making the long commute to my dedicated work space in the lounge room, I turn to the pieces that make me feel good. Take this knit dress for example. I’ve featured it previously here and here and love wearing it to the office. It’s simple, cosy but with its sophisticated cut, it gives me the confidence boost I need when I’m feeling a little lacklustre.


I hope I served up some inspiration for your work from home outfits.

Stay safe and healthy wherever you are.

P.S. My WFH favourites and knitwear to elevate your work from home outfits.


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