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artwork about social distancing
Artwork by @lizandmollie

Where do I even start?

The past few months have had us all on tenterhooks. These are anxious and stressful times we live in and it appears that it will only get worse before it can get better.  

While this platform is intended to provide you with fashion inspiration, it felt wrong not to address the COVID-19 pandemic that is affecting us all.

I’m worried sick for my parents – both of them have underlying health problems – as well as the elderly, those who are high-risk, our doctors, our healthcare workers, those working in essential services like supermarkets just to name a few.

Given what is going on around the world, I’m strongly of the view that we need to do our part in flattening the curve to ensure our healthcare systems don’t get overwhelmed.  

For me and my family, it means we have been practising social distancing by staying home for the last week.  We’re not visiting family or friends and my husband and I have been working from home. We’re lucky we can. The kids have been home with us too. They’ve had a few runny noses and coughs – likely the usual daycare lurgies that seem to always be around – but it’s also given us peace of mind that they are out of school even though the official government advice has been for them to stay in class. 

To prevent us all from getting cabin fever (because we live in a small terrace), we’ve been taking a quick afternoon walk around the block being careful to keep away from others. We’ve been able to pick the time between school finishing and close of business to successfully avoid any crowds. 

Right now, I’m so thankful that my husband and I have jobs that allow us to work from home.  I’m grateful that our older boys understand why they’re not in school and they continue to be nurturing big brothers to our 3 year old and our 1 year old.  

I hope that you’re all staying safe and taking care of yourselves during these trying times. 

Lots of love, Vee


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