5 Things I Love About Being a Workwear Blogger

We often don’t spend enough time appreciating the things we love and cultivating our passions – usually because of the obligations of our hectic lives. No newsflash there, but I think it’s so important that when we get a little bit of breathing space, we seize upon it to do the things that enrich us.

After being back to work for a few months and getting through those inevitable bumps on re-entry, I’ve been feeling much more settled. My youngest (Mr 9mths!) has settled into day care and I’m really enjoying being back at work.  The pace of my days is really picking up and I find myself coming home with funny stories to share with my husband and boys around the dinner table, rather than just with the worries of what tomorrow might bring.

Now that I’m finding myself with some free air, I find myself snatching as much time as possible to further my whatveewore passion project. Usually, it means time at night after the kids have gone to bed – often when I should be sleeping (oops!) – but I feel so grateful for my whatveewore world, and the community of support, that I feel uplifted by making it a priority.

That’s why today I’m sharing with you the 5 reasons why I love being a workwear blogger.

The community

The workwear blogger community on Instagram is a wonderful and supportive network. I was a bit apprehensive about putting myself out there initially but I am so pleased that it has been a such a positive experience for me so far. I have loved getting to know so many workwear bloggers from all around the world maintaining impressive day jobs while continuing to inspire all of us after hours with their style posts. 

The engagement

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know quite a few of you through comments and DMs and have loved meeting fellow working mums in the corporate world as well as lawyers from all over the world.  

I am so grateful to those of you who take the time to like my posts and comment on anything I have published – it encourages my passion to continue to share.

The accountability

I started out on Instagram at the beginning of 2018 after my style confidence took a bit of a hit after having my first baby. My body changed and I couldn’t fit into half my corporate wardrobe and I desperately wanted to reignite my passion for classic style.

My Instagram and blog have served as a bit of a catalogue of my looks over the past couple of years and I love having a collection of posts that record the small tweaks I have made to my style.

The creativity

I have always been creative in one way or another and I love how my blog provides me with that opportunity.  My work can be quite prescriptive and often times it can be dry and concern industries and products that I ordinarily wouldn’t come across.  

Being able to apply my own ideas with almost no restrictions is an aspect of this whatveewore world that I love. Of course, dressing for the office has its own conventions and by nature, I am quite conservative.  But being able to share with you my thoughts and my unique spin on things with so much freedom is truly satisfying.

Discovering up-and-coming talent

I never anticipated being presented with the opportunities that have been afforded to me since I first posted on Instagram. To work with some amazing local emerging designers has been a great privilege.

To read a bit more about how whatveewore began, I delve a little deeper into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ here.

As always, thanks again for stopping by!

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  1. June 23, 2020 / 12:36 pm

    You made a good point that being at least invested in workwear fashion can entice one’s creativity to try out all sorts of ideas to make things look chic and stylish. I’ve recently landed an office job a firm a number of blocks away from where I live so I’m a bit stoked on what I should wear on a daily basis. Perhaps I should go shop for workwear so that I can start showing off my fashion sense from the beginning.

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