All Day Heels

Even though it may never appear in the Marvel or DC universe, the ability to wear 10cm (3″) stiletto heels from dawn to dusk should be regarded as a legitimate superpower.  Even at the height of my being a slave to fashion, I only managed to get around all day in 3″ stilettos a handful of times.

Killer heels for me are now strictly “car-to-the-bar” usage – but more realistically “desk-to-conference-room” – because, let’s face it, I haven’t been to a bar in years. Date nights with my husband don’t typically call for stilettos either.  In fact, just last night, we had our first date night in a while and went to watch Downton Abbey at our local cinema. We were both in our Nike Epic React sneakers carrying thermoses filled with tea. When your Saturday date night footwear is sneakers and you’re comfortable enough smuggling tea into a cinema together – you know you’ve found your forever partner. (P.S. Downton Abbey was great in case you were wondering!)

Being 158cm (or 5″3′), I need the extra height, especially around the office where everyone towers over me.  Thankfully, I’ve found ways to make heels work all day, and I’m sharing with you the things that I look for now that my ‘killer’ heels usage has come to a halt.

The Checklist

To ensure I am comfy in my heels and can last in them all day, I typically shop for heels that:

  • have a lower heel (ie. less than 6cm)
  • are cut with a higher vamp – the vamp is how the top of the shoe is cut.  I like shoes cut higher (covering more of your foot and toes) providing me with more support – like these.
  • are a comfier style such as mules or slingbacks – I prefer these as my feet are wider and fully enclosed shoes take a little longer to wear in.  Mules or slingbacks are an easier style to wear in as they are open at the back.  They’re also an acceptable form of footwear in my office which is why I’ve embraced them lately.
  • have a comfier block or kitten heel

If the shoe fits the above criteria, I can manage in them all day. And it’s not a case of walking to the station in flats or sandals and popping heels on at my desk.  I leave the house in these heels, walk to my kids’ day care centre to drop them off and then commute into the city on the train and back with no problem.

I bit the bullet with the heels I’m wearing here, which you may recognise from my Spring Workwear Wishlist.  They’re a wonderful dupe for The Row’s Coco Mules that I have wanted for the longest time, but couldn’t justify the price.

These gems I’m wearing are from Tony Bianco. They’ve got a comfy kitten heel and adjustable satin straps that tie up across the foot. If I’ve been doing a bit of walking throughout the day, the straps loosen up slightly and I typically re-tie them in the afternoon.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend and thanks again for stopping by!

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