Cargo Wrap Skirt

My first pair of cargo pants were the daggiest and baggiest pair of pants going round.  I saved my pocket money for over 2 months to buy the pants – $69.95 from Just Jeans if I recall correctly.

I was 15 and a little young and naive. But boy did I love those pants! I wore them constantly on weekends and to every non-uniform day at school that year. I was soooo cool that I took the opportunity to not use a bag and store all my belongings for the day in the pockets. My fat velcro Billabong wallet in one side pocket (filled with sticker photos, old train tickets and receipts), key chain in another, my Blistex Lip Tone Lip Balm and tissues in my back pockets and a small pocket umbrella shoved in the other. Pockets are meant to be used right?! Probably not my best idea.

Almost 20 years later, I’m glad to be able to right some fashion wrongs by wearing a more chic version of cargo. And all wrapped up with a bow!

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