My Go-Tos for Casual Friday dressing

My go-to Casual Friday look – jeans & a blazer

Does your workplace have a Casual Friday dress policy?

The concept of relaxed dressing confuses many – and it’s not the workplace’s intention for employees to rock up looking sloppy. Some misinterpret the idea of ‘casual’ so it’s important to always maintain a sense of professionalism at all times.

Dressing for the office can be tricky at the best of times – and each office is different. “Business casual” in one office may be considered as “Casual Friday” in another. If you’ve just started a new job, familiarise yourself with your new workplace environment to get a handle on how conservative or relaxed it might be.

Do’s and Don’t’s

Here are some of my tips that inform the way I approach dressing on Fridays:


  • pair your blazers and structured jackets with jeans or casual dresses
  • wear tees (plain coloured is best) with jeans and heels
  • wear blouses with jeans or casual skirts
  • use your usual work handbag / tote


  • wear jeans with large rips or denim cut-off shorts with fraying (denim shorts are a bit of a grey area for me so I tend to avoid them altogether)
  • wear thongs or flip-flops
  • reveal too much skin by wearing anything too low cut or too short
  • wear anything too tight or too thin
  • wear leggings as pants (…every day really, not just Fridays)
  • wear t-shirts or tops with writing or slogans on them – logos are generally fine – but I once saw a summer clerk walk around the office with a t-shirt that said “You Don’t Mean A Thing To Me” and it was a little bit weird

I like to think of Fridays as a chance to display a more casual personal style – but still maintaining professionalism and respect for my colleagues and workplace.

Here’s to Fridays!

Casual Friday – neutrals, jeans + heels

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