My 5 most loved luxury items

I’ve bought and sold many luxury items over the years. My first luxury purchase was a Miu Miu Vitello Boy Bag in black. I bought it when I was 20 having saved my hard earned cash from working part time retail whilst at uni. I was so proud of that thing and took it everywhere with me – and boy did I trash it!  I was pretty chuffed when I sold it on eBay and recouped most of what I paid for it 4 years later.

My style has evolved and coupled with less disposable income that I have to play with now that I have a young family – I tend to stay away from trend-based items when buying luxury.  I’m grateful that my husband is supportive of my love of luxury goods – a few of my favourite items listed below were gifted by him.

Here are the 5 most loved luxury items in my collection:

Gucci Double G Belt

If you’re a long time follower of mine on Instagram, you’ll be very acquainted with this belt. My husband bought this for me last Christmas. I ended up getting the mens version of the belt in chocolate brown with the gold double G buckle.

The decision to opt for chocolate brown as opposed to black was an easy one for me – I generally wear navy and felt that it pairs better together.

Here is a selection of looks featuring my beloved belt:

Gucci belt with Topshop tee & jeans, Chanel boy bag and Tony Bianco heels
Gucci belt with Zara dress, Wittner heels, Celine luggage tote
Gucci belt, H&M blouse, Zara skirt, Vince Camuto heels & Celine luggage tote
Gucci belt with Scanlan Theodore top & skirt, Celine luggage tote

Louis Vuitton Desk Agenda in Monogram

I’m such a sucker for stationary – so it was a given that I fall in love with this agenda cover! I’ve also got the PM and MM size agenda covers but my current favourite is the desk agenda. It’s essentially a notebook cover as it doesn’t have rings like the other two in my collection – so I’ve inserted a ring bound notebook into it and I use it daily for note taking in the office, planning and keeping all my lists in the one place. I love the size (it houses A5 sized notebooks) and fits perfectly in the handbag I carry with me to work.

Chanel M/L Classic Flap

This bag needs no introduction and I’m so glad that it’s part of my collection.

My husband gifted me this bag after we had our first baby. I chose to get it in the black caviar leather with silver hardware in the medium-large size. I don’t plan on ever parting ways with it!

Valentino Rockstud Heels in Patent Poudre

I’ve had these for a while and chose to get them in patent poudre so they could be worn with a variety of looks. I’m a huge fan of Valentino rockstuds and I own a number of pairs including the flats and the kitten heeled version. While I used to be a bit precious with them, these particular heels are my go-to pair for special occasions and I now wear them to the office whenever I need a break from my black heels or feel like my outfit needs a bit of a pick-me-up!

Celine Micro Luggage Tote

This is currently my trusty every day work tote! It is so durable and fits the perfect amount of my stuff! I bought my luggage tote almost 4 years ago and it still looks practically brand new. My bag is made of the black drummed calf leather which is a pebbled leather. I honestly can’t see any scuffs or scratches on the bag – it is such good quality and so well made.

I’ve done a separate “What’s in my bag” post with this one which you can check out here!

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