The 5 maternity pieces every pregnant woman needs in their corporate wardrobe

It’s tempting to want to go and buy a completely new wardrobe when you find out you’re pregnant. During my first pregnancy, it was a novelty that I would soon have a baby bump and I remember constantly examining my first trimester body wondering when my bump would show. Even before I popped at 14 weeks, I bought dresses and tops from ASOS and Shopbop’s maternity sections (that I visited daily) collecting pieces for corporate and casual looks that I had already curated in my mind to wear during my pregnancy.

Boy – was I fooled!

Firstly, the models on those websites are no more than 5 months pregnant. I was buying clothes that didn’t fit past 25 weeks! Secondly – you acquire a bump – but you also sign up for the whole package deal of thighs, bum, chest, chin and arms! Maintaining the same level of style became a real challenge for me in the third trimester – and the novelty of dressing for a new body quickly wore off.

I’m currently 29 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I have learnt my lesson!

Before making the mistake of going nuts with the maternity shopping like I did the first time round, here is a list of my must-have maternity pieces that I consider every pregnant woman should have in their corporate wardrobe:

Stretchy pencil/bodycon skirt

Scanlan Theodore top and skirt, Gucci belt, Witchery heels, Celine bag

The working wardrobe needs a pencil skirt and traditional ones (that come with suits) usually have little to no stretch in them.

Invest in a stretchy pencil skirt made out of a comfortable fabric such as ponte or a stretchy structured knit.  I have two and they are constantly on rotation. The ones I own aren’t even maternity specific – I just sized up in skirts from regular ranges and they have been great additions to my corporate wardrobe.

Stretchy knit dresses

Kookai knit dress, Scanlan Theodore jacket, Chanel bag & Vince Camuto heels

Kookai do some amazing ones in so many colours and styles. They are OSFA – so you can wear them throughout your WHOLE pregnancy. They normally retail for around $140 but I bought all of mine on sale for at least half price as they regularly release a new range of colours and discount the older colours.  The fabric is merino wool so it’s breathable though I recommend wearing long sleeved ones on cooler days and sleeveless ones during the warmer months.

I don’t normally wear bodycon dresses but pregnancy gives you a licence to do so. I find these to work so well in both my corporate and casual wardrobes.

Sack dress

H&M Dress, Chanel bag and heels

Ahhhh – all hail the stylish muu-muu!

I like to stick to neutral colours for dresses – they’re more versatile and can be styled for both corporate and casual looks.

The beauty about sack dresses is a) you don’t have to shop in the maternity section and b) you can wear them after you’ve had baby. Score!

Loose fitting blouse

Zara blouse, Carla Zampatti blazer, H&M maternity jeans & Celine bag

Self-explanatory really – blouses can be worked in both corporate and casual looks and I feel like you can have a bit more fun with them and go for prints or brighter colours depending on what floats your boat.

Over-the-bump jeans

Zara blouse, H&M maternity jeans, Louis Vuitton desk agenda, Celine bag, Vince Camuto heels

This is the one item on my list that you need to acquire from the maternity section.  (Soz! I was doing so well up until now)

Over-the-bump jeans will be a staple for Casual Friday – and for the weekend for that matter.

If you’re only getting one pair, I’d opt for conservative ones without rips or distressing and in a darkish hue – you get away with wearing them as pants (depending on your office environment).

Why over-the-bump and not under-the-bump? Because over-the-bump jeans are SO much more comfy!

Let me know if you agree with my picks in the comments below and if you think there are other must-have pieces that should also be added to the list!

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